Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Fifty Shades of Grey POST!

Come on now, you know I just HAD to write something about the "hot" new trilogy that I "Evelyn Woods (aka speed reader)" through the last 10 days called FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!

First let me say briefly that anyone who knows me is in SHOCK that I read these books. Blush blush - wink wink and YES INDEEDY I DID! I read in bed, I read at the kitchen table, I read on the front porch and I even read at my desk when I was supposed to be doing TIES! Don't go calling my boss now and telling on me! I mean if the men could slough off work during the NCAA Basketball tourney why can't Jane READ?!!!!

Second, the book uses a GRAY TIE - not going to say WHY in this post but I'm sure you can only imagine. So being in the TIE business I took the liberty of snapping some photos of a few GRAY ties on our line!

So to all my necktie buyers out there in this great land - if you want to make YOUR woman happy here are just a FEW TIES in our big line for you to choose from! And NOT to leave out our South Carolina customers we even have a GRAY PALMETTO tie!

Happy shopping to the men -- and to the ladies - well let me just say - happy READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane M --> I can almost hear my sister laughing out loud reading this post - can't I Fran????

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a difference a year makes

This photo was taken on April 20th, 2011 when my neighbor's Magnolia tree was in full bloom.

This picture was taken on March 20th, 2012 - a FULL MONTH EARLIER than last Spring that my neighbor's Magnolia tree is in full bloom.

WOW - You will notice that the magnolia tree this year looks a little "lighter" and not as full as in 2011. This is because of our FREAK OCTOBER snow storm of 2011 where many tree limbs and trees came down with the weight of the heavy snow!

Very happy spring has sprung! Looks like I'll need to head to the store to brighten up my wardrobe to match the early blooming flowers and trees!

Jane M

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am a B.B.

Can anyone out there GUESS what a B.B. is?

Yep - I'm a BAD BLOGGER! I've had writers block. I've had I the winter blues - lame excuse because here in the North East we haven't even HAD a winter!

Welp you know what? I think what I had was I DON'T FEEL LIKE THINKING/WRITING/BLOGGING BLOCK!

So I'm back.

Spring is nearly here - we changed the clocks so that's the always the first sign.

The Magnolia tree will be in full bloom a FULL MONTH EARLIER than last year! The forsythia too! Heck the daffodils are up fully - no tulips as the deer have mowed them all down.

We are in the 1/2 way point of our selling season and we're in the throws of shipping out all the spring neckwear to you and yours.

I'm having a micro mini crush on David Venerable (don't tell my Gary) - who is only the GREATEST PITCHMAN I've ever seen on QVC. My family thinks I've really lost it - but seriously if I had 1/10th of his selling skills - well EVERY STORE IN AMERICA WOULD HAVE OUR TIES!!!!!!! (Which would mean I'd have a lot of baking to do for all the orders!)

Our Emily landed a new job as well! Yep she will become a reporter/editorial assistant at a place called ROLL CALL. She will be heading back into the DC circuit and hobnobbing with the Congressmen and women.

Russ is gearing up for his last summer as a student - itching to get back into caddying and also on the links for himself before the REAL WORLD hits!

So I guess that's all from here.

I'll leave you with just some pictures I've taken while I've been on hiatus.

Like anyone cares.................

Hello anyone???????????

Jane M

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