Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm not going to lie

My husband eats well because of ME! He knows this too.

For some UNKNOWN reason, I have become sort of addicted to QVC's IN THE KITCHEN WITH DAVID show. This all came about last October when we were going thru that freak Halloween Snow Storm. I was sitting watching TV watching my power lines sway with all the tree limbs coming down from the weight of the leaves and fresh WET SNOW!

Anyhoo, while watching my MAN DAVID, as he's known to me, I saw a promo for a cookbook for a slow cooker. This woman was cooking healthy in the slow cooker.

Gary eats the SAME BREAKFAST DAY IN DAY OUT. He eats the Steel Cut oats with fruit and cinnamon.

NO more standing at the stove for 30+ minutes for me. I do all the prep of the apples, add the oats, apples and cinnamon and push 6 hours and away it goes.

This batch lasts Gary 12 days! And is he ever happy!

Thank you David Venable! You're the BEST!

Happy Tuesday to all!

Jane M


julie melin said...

Hello I tagged onto your name from a sight you commented on. I just wanted you to know if your 4th of july hostess is really unable to eat gluten not just doing it on a whim you will make her sick with even a little what flour in your cookies. I have celiac disease and all it takes according to the medical world is 1/4 of a baby asprins worth of wheat, barley, rye, and non gluten free certified oats to make someone with celiac very ill. For me my reactions of a fever and pretty sever tummy issues lasts a week. Please tell your hostess you tried but to please be aware your cookies are not safe for her. Have a great party!

Privatestock said...

Just back from my party. My Linzer tortes were a HIT! I told my hostess exactly what was in the cookies and she was soooo thrilled that I thought of her. She ate a cookie. There was another woman with the same gluten problem and she too ate a cookie. I told them both the exact amount of flour (1.5 cups) for 36 cookies so that they could make their own decision. I brought fruit as well - even my Type 1 diabetic husband can eat fruit.

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