Monday, June 18, 2012

Finally got to planting my window boxes

so for ME, the summer of 2012 has officially begun! I have written about my window boxes in previous posts so I won't bore you on the gory details. Like how I got the idea of the pickets from Martha Stewart!

I think Martha really likes my boxes as she used MY WINDOW BOXES in 1 of her posts!

This year I planted ONLY 1 variety of flowers. I chose pink and white petunias. I can't wait to see how great they will look come July.

Because I have so many deer roaming around the yard, I plant on my deck. Here are photos of my tomato plant and my basil garden. I also stuck in 1 cucumber plant and I already have 1 cucumber forming!

Russ and I also did a quick home improvement the other day - we swept more stone dust onto the front walk to keep the stones from shifting. Russ is a great great help! Gordie too - he's in nearly every photo!

Here Russ is watering in the dust!

I APPROVE!!!!!!!!!!

Jane M

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Fran said...

Nice feeties! Love the sandals. Time for me to get a pedicure. Maybe this weekend.

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