Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We had a Little Bitty Vacay

to PALM SPRINGS California!

We want to go back we HAD.THAT.MUCH.FUN!

The first few days the temps were in the 100's. No bother - IT'S A DRY HEAT - YESSIRRR!

Gary played a few rounds of golf. I drove the cart. I LOVED IT OUT ON THE LINKS! Remember - it's a DRY HEAT!

We also lounged by the pool in the afternoon and ate that great FRESH California food!

Our room had a hot tub! H.E.A.V.E.N.!

We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We hope to go back again some day.

PALM SPRING ROCKS! VACATIONS ARE SO SO FUN. We're both a little sad it flew by waaaay to quickly.

We're dreaming of another fantastic trip some day soon :)!

I could write a whole lot more about our trip, but it's making me sad a little so I will end here.

Happy Tuesday (NOT Monday!) Yeah

Jane M

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