Saturday, May 12, 2012

Like a Puffy Cloud

Tonight we are invited to friends house for a Mexican themed night. I was asked to bring dessert but that I didn't have to stick to a Mexican theme. There will be a lot of people so I decided to bake a bigger cake than I normally make.

This is my usual Quick Cocoa Cake with a dark chocolate frosting inside the 2 layers. YUMMMMMMM. Very rich tasting.

After spending HOURS on Pinterest, I found these cute chocolate covered pretzels which I'm obsessed with.

To lighten up all the dark chocolate richness I whipped up a 7 minute frosting and VOILA!

DESSERT WILL BE SERVED! Running out to buy the hostess a cake cutter for her kitchen.

Happy Saturday to all!

Jane M


Gracey said...

Those M&m'S look delicious!
That is one of the most coroful cakes I have ever seen!

Privatestock said...

Thank you so much. The crowd enjoyed the cake especially the kids!

the actor's diet said...

pretzels and chocolate on CAKE?!? yes!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my word, this looks SO yummy!

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