Saturday, December 31, 2011

On a lark

My weekday morning ritual goes as follows.

1. Turn on my computer
2. Go right to Martha's blog
3. After I read Martha's blog I read her dog's blog
4. Martha's dogs Sharkey and Francesca requested photos of all the readers dogs to see them and thank them for reading their blog!
5. I entered of a photo of Gordie sleeping in the Martha Stewart bed I bought at PetSmart
6. Francesca and Sharkey chose the photo and put it up on their blog! Gordie is in photo #10!

Busy day for me as I have to think and write out my goals for 2012.

Happy and Healthy 2012 to all!

Jane M

Monday, December 19, 2011

I really ENJOY baking

This past weekend we went to 2 holiday parties. I always enjoy baking this time of year - well that's wrong. I enjoy baking EVERY DAY of the year! And of course you know what I'm going to say next don't you? I also enjoy EATING all the baked goods I make throughout the year!

I've been eyeing these cookies called Chocolate Crinkles for a while. I've baked these cookies in the past. These cookies are a cross between a brownie and a cookie.

I made that green wreath and I bought that pretty glittered bow.

Big few weeks coming up. Time to photograph the new line as well!

Happy End of the year 2011 to all!

Jane M

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crispy Maple Sugar Cookies

I really enjoy baking. What I can't take about me is the need to multi task WHILE baking. Why did I have to take the recycle out to the curb when I should have been watching the browning of the buttery sweet cookies in the oven?

Well lucky for Gordie and myself - we love crunchy sweet cookies. They taste GGGGGREAT!

Maybe someday I'll open up a bakery. Naaah - but it's fun to dream!

I have a busy and productive week ahead of me. I'll be at my finest this I know!

Jane M

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baking the Banket!

Today I joined Amy and her Mom to bake a dutch Christmas cookie called a Banket. This is a light pastry wrapped around a very sweet almond paste which we decorated in the Christmas red and green colors!

Amy did all the rolling of the dough. Her Mom spread the almond paste and rolled up the bankets and my job was to place the sticky cherries in the form of holly berries on top!

Even though Amy and her mom had made the dough the night before as well as the filling, it still took hours to roll out and fill and decorate the bankets.

We had a really nice morning and early afternoon talking and rolling and decorating. At the end we professionally wrapped the bankets for their family members for a party they have on Christmas Eve.

I had a really fun time as well as learning a new recipe! Maybe you'll find a banket in your next necktie orders - you never know with me!

Happy 2 weeks before the big holiday. I'm starting my big REFLECTIONS of 2011 and planning for 2012.

Jane M

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I got a LITTLE creative

Not to bore anybody or anything, but while Gary was away traveling down south I had some fun cutting and gluing and eating Chinese food 1 evening. I had the TV on in the background of the lighting of the Rockerfeller XMAS tree and here is what I made!

It's Sunday so I'm just relaxing for now after the macaron baking. Off to meet friends for lunch and bring the cookies to my friend!

Big week coming up! *** I just added a few pictures of the supplies I used for the paper wreath.***

Jane M

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