Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm not sure which is worse


I had not left our street since the snow started Saturday afternoon (NJ was under a state of emergency) - and could not believe what I saw early this morning! The pictures here are all from our street only. But if you drive anywhere around here, EVERY STREET LOOKS THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!! Either the entire tree came down or just huge tree limbs fell with the weight of the heavy wet snow! There is NO TRAIN service going on day 3 into and out of Manhattan to our area! This is unheard of - even after all the blizzards of last winter. I can't even write last YEAR as we're still in 2011 which was the year of the blizzard in the North East.

We however are 1 strong gust away from losing power as the trees over our power lines out back are all snapped and are laying on the wires. GAAAH! All the schools in the area are closed today - there is still snow on the ground - heck we haven't raked 1 LEAF yet this Fall and now we're dealing with snow?

Here's hoping PSE+G comes as soon as they can to attend to the damaged trees.

So since the summer we've had an EARTHQUAKE, a HURRICANE, and now a freak snow storm which dumped at least 6 inches at our house! What's in store for our WINTER - heck we're still in FALL aren't we????


Jane M

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I refuse to post pictures of the snow in October - we still have most EVERY LEAF still on the trees which are only just beginning to turn! Luckily this storm we didn't lose power. Well at least NOT YET. We've not ventured out since yesterday after lunch since we had a STATE OF EMERGENCY in NJ. We understand there are many trees down - this we know as there are tons of limbs down on our street alone!

But our Gordie - he had no idea what was coming. He was just groomed and was very very cold having to go outside to do his business. So last night Gary walked him and Gordie came running in to his beddie!

Gary tucked him in and there he slept until about 4:30am when he got up to get out from underneath the covers.

Happy Sunday! At least I don't have to rake any leaves as they are covered with the snow!

PS Seems like we're a wind gust away from losing power- a neighbor just called to say a tree limb from my tree is dangling on the wire out back! GAAAAAAAAAH! I can't take it



Thursday, October 27, 2011

We never get tired of WASHINGTON D.C.

Last weekend Gary took me on a road trip to see our Emily! Now that she's a career girl, well she has no more school vacays.

Off we went to D.C. by car for a weekend visit.

I bought Em this cute chalkboard map of D.C. so she can write down important lists or whatever. Just another cute item in her very compact apartment in Dupont Circle.

Friday Night Emily took us to a great local restaurant a couple of blocks from her house for a very yummy dinner. If Gary liked it and went down well in his books then it means it was a GOOD NIGHT in the Cahn's book!

The next day we woke up early and had another yummy breakfast and off we went to site see in our Nations' Capital. It was the first real FALL feeling day - which was another good thing. On our way over to see the MLK Memorial we walked past the Holocaust museum. Emily observed NO LINE out front and thought it was odd. She thought maybe the museum was closed but upon further inspection we saw the doors were opened. So in we went. We spent nearly 2 hours reading and looking and learning on some fairly horrendous times. This was Emily's 2nd visit to this museum.

After, it was time to get walking! And walking we surely did. We went to the Jefferson Monument, the MLK Memorial, the FDR Monument and the Lincoln Memorial to name a few stops.

Wearily we dragged ourselves back to Emily's apartment where she googled our root and said we walked OVER 5 1/2 miles without all the museum walking! We sat for about 2 hours and then were off again. A few years back I was watching the FOODNETWORK (when am I not watching that channel?) and saw a Bobby Flay Throwdown for mussels in a dive bar in DC. The place is called GRANVILLE MOORE. I quickly called Emily (this is now over 2 years ago) to tell her of the place and she's been back many times. So this was our first visit and what a treat it was! We all love mussels!

The next morning bright and early we met for a fun brunch up in Adams Morgan - and then it was time to hit the road homeward bound.

That's about it for our little get away weekend - a good time was had by ALL! --> I wasn't allowed to snap any photos up at the Washington Post, but we had the grand tour. Emily really likes her job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved her desk too!

Happy almost weekend!

Jane M

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I WAS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well in a TV audience for.................THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW! On a whim, I wrote away for tickets a little over 2 weeks ago and they answered my request.

My friend and I took an early train into Manhattan and we were seated and the show went LIVE at 10am yesterday. I record the show so last night I watched the show - and I saw myself in the audience :)! GAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Martha did a segment on how to save seeds for heirloom tomatoes and the audience received a book on SEEDS. I was HOPING for a Vitamix - but beggars can't be choosy!

Martha's set was gorgeous - truly. And I can see how she can turn "it" on and "off" for the cameras. All in all a good time was had by ALL!

We were gypped out of a Q & A with Martha because right after the taping of our show, she was on ANOTHER media blitz for yet ANOTHER BOOK she is hawking. Shame we didn't get a copy. It was an updated version of her very first book ENTERTAINING.

The weekend before we had a lovely time with Emily down in DC. I'll blog again later in the week and show you pictures of our fun weekend away. Too bad Gordie didn't fair so well being boarded at the VET. In fact, we have to find other arrangements because Gordie came home WACKED OUT!

Time to pack up more TIES!

Jane M

Monday, October 17, 2011


I will be at the MARTHA STEWART studio in Manhattan in the audience watching, my MENTOR, perform her DOMESTIC magic! I can hardly take knowing that in a week I'll be in her presence!

On a whim, I emailed for tickets and 2 days later up popped an email that if I wanted the tix (2) to email PRONTO for the 10:00am show on October 24th. And that is just what I did! I also got a detailed instruction/general ticket confirmation stating that Martha LOVES when the audience is colorful and dresses to impress. Colorful, I can SURELY do that!

They want me to wear the following, a chic dress, or trendy fashionable outfit in SOLID colors!

Do NOT wear sleeveless tops as the studio is a "bit chilly" so I must dress appropriately. I also love this top - only it's not solid!

The email confirmation also says not to wear, BLACK, GRAY, TAN or any MUTED colors. But these dresses are so TRENDY, CHIC and cute!

Well I am most probably going to wear going to wear 1 of these tops with this cute TRENDY sweater to keep warm.

I'm seriously a big fan - I know she's annoying, affected, snobby - blah blah to some - but I seem to learn something each show I watch (I DVR and zip through the shows at night).

I'll be sure to write all about my MARTHA experience! GAAAAAAAH! I'm really really super excited to see her live and in person.

Now I have to get through this week first!

Jane M

Monday, October 10, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I used to have the most beautiful flowering window boxes in town! I'm not bragging - I'm just saying. We had these boxes built in 1997 (the dark ages right?).

Well today - the boxes are in terrible repair. They are rotting. They are falling apart. THEY DID NOT GROW AT ALL THIS SUMMER! I don't know what it was actually? I planted what I thought would be a wonderful show of flowers.

I had a major FAIL! In a way I'm over the whole thing - I am compensating by saying to myself, well I didn't have to water the boxes every day because they flowers rotted and withered away ALL-ON-THEIR-OWN! So I'll just think of the summer of 2011 as a reprieve from battling my annoying hose!

Here are some photos of past window box pictures. They were truly drop dead gorgeous if I do say so myself.

On another note, I wish I could just sleep like Gordie. I was up every 45 minutes last night! GAAAAAAAH! I'm in some mood because of my lack of sleep :)!

It's Columbus Day - would love to eat a bowl of pasta - we'll see - maybe later.

Happy Monday!

Jane M
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