Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At our 2nd office!

Well as you know we live in New Jersey and well we haven't had power since 3:10am Sunday morning. That hurricane Irene sure came thru our state like a lion!

Being that we are so connected through the internet - well we need power! We are having withdrawals since we are going on day 3 being in the dark!!!!!!!!

By this morning I just couldn't take it and I called the power company and got a human being on the phone before 8am! I called her company a bunch of morons for putting a transformer in the Glen many feet down in a stream which is now a raging river with all the water we have had! I was that mad. Gary on the other hand was calm and begged them to put in a work order to please get the power back on. We are so tired of charging our phones in the car with the car running which takes HOURS! Spoiled huh?

So low and behold we heard chain saws and workers in the glen! Gary shouted down and asked if he knew when we'd ever get power again - the worker says tomorrow.

Then our town finally came and took care of the tree that had fallen across our road. Our DPW claims they had no idea we were shut in and were embarrassed that nobody had reported our problem! A bunch of neighbors used their chain saws to make a 1 lane pass thru but honestly it was a real hazard with a huge tree stump hanging in the middle of our street!

Here are the positives:
1. The fallen tree is now gone, chipped away and in a land fill somewhere in town
2. The PSE+G workers are in the Glen hopefully putting in a new utility pole and rehanging the dangling wires to return power to our street.
3. The neighbors (most) have bonded throughout this storm and have helped out in our time of need
4. After reading Jane Brody this morning in the Science Times, I have now emptied out my entire fridge so I don't poison anyone in our family. Which also means I'm off cooking duties until power resumes!
5. We have a gas powered hot water heater so we can shower - just no hair dryers or flat irons or ANY KIND of light in the bathroom - but we are clean!
6. I have my mother's stove top coffee percolator so we can light a match and perk hot coffee in the morning! I can read my newspaper with my flashlight.

My computer is charged to 79%. Once it gets to 100% we can leave and start to think where to go for dinner. We don't miss TV that much, my friend gave us a transistor radio and we watch 1 movie a night until our computer runs out of charge!

So that's where we stand for now!

I know for sure I will really appreciate having my lights turned on - and then get used to that and budger about something else! HA HA!

Jane M

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am sharing a letter Gordon wrote to his sister Emily

Hi Em!

How’s it going down in DC? I bet it’s quiet as all the politicians – even our POTUS is away on vacay. AAAH to go on vacay…but well when you’re a doggie EVERY DAY is a VACAY DAY!

Today however MOM MOM Jane took me to MY doctor. I had no idea. She (MOM MOM Jane) claims to have told me about this appt. …but you know MOM. She says she tells us stuff and then forgets! None the less there I was in the waiting room minding my own business waiting for my doctor to see me.

Anyhoo my Doctor called me into the examining room and up I went on the table. He looked all around at me. I weigh 21.5 lbs. (3 pounds more than when I was a young whipper snapper) which my doctor is not at all upset with. He stuck these pieces of paper, which were thin strips, into my eyes! I WILL REPEAT THIS TO YOU – HE STUCK LITTLE TABS OF PAPER INTO MY EYES! ICK! MOM MOM got grossed out and nearly fell over. IT seems I’m not making enough tears – and MOM MOM is to put in wet drops into my eyes. OH RATS – MOM MOM went to CVS earlier and only bought batteries and no eye drops for me! RATS! Then he looked at my tush and said it was all fine. He listened to my heart and says I have a MURMUR. BLAH BLAH BLAH. But then he got to my mouth. I’m almost TOO embarrassed to admit this, but he says my mouth is just DISGUSTING! HE USED THAT WORD. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G! He says we ought to think about having me put out and clean out my buffalo! MOM MOM just walked out without making an appt…so we’ll see. I got 2 shots today and they entered MOM MOM’s email address and we just received an email to my records! I can see when I got all my vaccines and even make appts ONLINE! How cool is that?

Well the weather here in NJ is just gorgeous out! I wish I could be outside but MOM MOM works and I can’t be trusted to be outside all by myself!

Our Aunt was here for the weekend. I do love her – I liked sitting in the backroom when they were home (which wasn’t very much time) and lick her and then go to sleep.

So I must close for now and say I hope you are enjoying your new apt. and your new job! You are very grown up EMILY and I miss you and think of you often! Sometimes I sneak into your room – I’d like to jump on your beddie and snooze a bit but I can’t jump like I used to.

Your best dog, Gordon Oliver Cahn – star of stage and screen!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Morning Routine

We typically get up very early in the morning - we are morning people. We like to listen to the radio and the little business blurb at 5:55am to start our day. Then it's up and dressed and make the coffee and walk the dog and retrieve the morning NY Times.

But we have coffee pot issues. BIG ISSUES! It seems we cannot keep coffee pots working properly and we are not hard on this appliance. We have always had a percolator coffee pot - but in more recent years the pots are made inferior and do not last us more than 1 year. (I've blogged 3x about this) So back last winter we decided to go to the drip coffee maker where we can set the timer! LOVED THIS FEATURE! But did you know that the carafes are made with the thinnest glass? Gary broke the carafe back a few months ago. It seems yesterday was my turn for knocking the carafe on the side of the sink by accident and yep my turn to shatter the pot!

After dinner we took a ride over to BED AND BATH with our coupon in hand and went OLD SCHOOL AGAIN and bought a percolator.

So here are some photos of my morning routine (and Gordon's too!).

Happy Wednesday to ALL!

Jane M

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another RANDOM post

Sunday morning here in NJ. A very very RAINY Sunday morning so no need to get up and rush outside that's for sure. So here we go.

1. I am ALWAYS a little bit late to the party. I've just discovered these velvet covered hangers. Oh boy are they terrific! I'm on my 2nd box! Gary, I will need to buy even MORE clothes on our next Chicago trip to fill up the empty hangers as well as the space in my closet. YIPPEE! Why has it taken me so long to get on the hanger craze? Anyway, I love these hangers - it's the LITTLE things with me.

2. Our gutters can't handle the rain that's coming down right now. It rained like this over night as well as the radio is reporting flooded roads all around our area. Looks like I'll be staying inside much of the day accept for walking Gordie of course.

3. I plan on reading my LIVING magazine which arrived yesterday. Maybe an article or 2 will inspire me. You never know with me.

So that's my August 14th Sunday plan. A whole lot of relaxing -

Big work week ahead - I think our show stuff is coming back. We will have to put all our bust forms and ladders away until the next show!

Jane M

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A list of THINGS

1. The Shows for Private Stock are complete for 2011. We were very pleased of the overall outcome! YIPPEE!

2. Of course we had a TERRIFIC time out in Chicago! I always say the same thing - but it's just a wonderful city! As you know WE LOVE the Chicago Collective and we love our new location (the former lunch room - LUNCH - my favorite time of the day!).

3. I like going to new restaurants and parts of the city and we did just this on Monday night. We went with a fun group of people to a restaurant in Old Town called, Topo Gigio! The company and food were #1! Plus I couldn't get over how packed this restaurant was on a Monday night!

4. I like flying out on the 1st flight of the day - but just HATE how tired I am by midday. I thought I would pass out yesterday, but I fought thru my sleepiness and made it until 5pm. Promptly fell right out on the couch and threw myself into bed at 9pm after crawling off the couch in a stupor.

5. I don't enjoy buying new sandals only to have my feet all torn up by the end of the day. The Chicago Collective office has the BEST assortment of band aids - LIFE SAVER is all I can say!

6. The Brick Chicken at Rose Buds is home cooking away from home for us. I am going to try and make it here 1 night this week. I'm told they "finish" off the chicken in their pizza oven. That's something I do not have - but that's OK too.

7. I'm looking forward to the weekend where I can put my feet up at the pool hopefully and just rest up after working non stop.

8. I'm thankful for having a computer to enter all our orders and get my desk paper free! Well I have a mound still to accomplish, but knowing me, by this afternoon all will be put back together.

9. I like coming home to Russell and Gordie and hearing all went well while we were out of town. Poor Gordie, in his old age when we walked through the front door he was having trouble waking up to greet us! Oh I just love our poodle.

10. Lastly, I'd like to thank ALL our customers for their generous orders! Without you, well who would I have to bake for? I would also like to thank our hard working sales force who are out in the trenches week after week. This Fall Gary and I hope to get out and visit some of our wonderful stores all over the country!

Happy August and now it is time for me to GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!

Jane M

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GRRRRR *&#@*!^ with a PS at the bottom!

How am I to become a sustainable gardener here in South Orange if I can't eat the fruits of my labor???!!!! The squirrels got to my ONLY 2 ripening tomatoes before I did AGAIN! WAAAAAAAAAAH! I don't know what more I can to have a vegetable garden? I plant my tomatoes and basil up on my deck so the deer and other varmints can't get to them. I just don't know what to do anymore?!!! This morning in the Dining Section of the NY TIMES I read all about restaurants making gardens on vacant building sites (due to the recession building has stopped for a bit) and being able to feed hundreds of people! I can't even feed the 2 of us (Russ is never home for meals)from my little garden!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what will become of all the green tomatoes on my vine?

Oh well this is the price I have to pay for living in the suburbs I guess.

We'll be in Chicago early Saturday morning to set up our booth 7099. We're looking forward to seeing everyone!

Jane M
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