Sunday, July 31, 2011

I did some baking

for Russell to take to the Rescue Squad tonight. I baked Dorie Greenspan's Chipster Brownies. HOLY COW! These are AWESOME! I had a tiny tiny bite because I couldn't resist. The bottom of this dessert are just the chocolate-e-est brownies ever. The top are chocolate chip cookies spread on top. I've made so many of Dorie Greenspan's recipes in her dessert cookbook that I've lost count. Each recipe is a WINNER!

Well it's a big work week ahead. At the end of the week we leave for Chi-town our 2nd favorite city in our nation. Hope we see alot of you out there! I'm planning on handing out my Butternut Toffee!

I had to include of a picture of Gordie as he's not been showing up on my recent blog posts. He had his 15th birthday on Friday and we all wished him well. Actually Gary and I went to Steak Night at the club and brought him back a DOGGIE BAG! HA HA!!!

Jane M

Friday, July 29, 2011

What a co-inky-dink!

A week ago today we moved Emily into her 2nd apartment in Washington D.C. Gary made a Facebook post about this event which he immediately got a response from a long time friend. Back in 1989 we had Emily in Manhattan and I felt isolated - yes this is true even in the biggest city in the world! So being a first time mother, I found a Mommy and Me class down in the Village where we were living at the time. I made friends immediately! RELIEF! So the person who Facebooked Gary back, was the Dad of my first friend with a baby, Janice. Janice's daughter, Halley has since graduated college and is now residing and working in Washington D.C. about 3 blocks from Em! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??!!!

We've lost touch over the years with Janice and Steve as they moved to Westchester and we are in New Jersey. But through the magic of Facebook we've come together again! Janice and I got the girls together -again through Facebook - and they've set a date to meet up next week! Wouldn't that be something if they became friends again - now that's going full circle!

Janice wrote that she remembers the girls sharing the playpen and Emily's Binky! I searched and searched for those photos, but this was the best I could come up with!


Thank you Facebook!

Jane M

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wow I haven't written in a bit

Hmmm let's see - it's only been a little bit over a week and we've been to the MRKET show at the Javits and to Washington DC and back! No we couldn't fix the Debt crisis but we did move our Emily into her 2nd apt. in DC!!!!!!!!!!! She's a real grown up now - 1 month of working at The Washington Post behind her and now new digs in the Dupont Circle section of her FAVORITE CITY eva! Emily chose a tiny apartment that she could afford as she says she's going to try and wing all her expenses on her own! WOW how grown up is that? The bad news is by accident we chose THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE SUMMER FOR THE MOVE! Who knew it would only be 103 degrees in Washington that day?! Emily hired the movers and boy did she do great. These 2 men carried her stuff out of 1 apt and into the next in about 2+ hours! I ran to the store to buy them drinks as the sweat ... well forgetaboutit! We all know how bloody hot it was in almost our entire country!!!!!!!!!!! We sent Emily to work that day so she would not be docked any pay and Gary and I managed the move. I also took the liberty of unpacking and doing a tiny tiny purge :)! If you don't know, purging is my most favorite past time! And so it goes.

Gary and I are in the throws of organizing all the orders and getting ready to fly out to Chicago for the Collective. We're in a different area now - so look for us in booth 7099. Next week I've got to make the Toffee candy and ship it out so I can feed all my hungry customers! I had NO CANDY left after MRKET!

Jane M

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meyer Lemons

Raise your hand if you ever have eaten a Meyer Lemon -- ME ME! Yesssirr - Meyer lemons are such a wonderful citrus. My parents planted a Meyer lemon tree at their home in Florida. Every year they MISS the crop as they are snow birds and return to NJ too soon to pick any lemons. This year, they stayed later in the land of HEAT - and they picked a ton of unripened lemons for them, for my sis, and for me. I've been ripening my lemons on the counter and last night I decided it was time to make the lemon bars! Even tho the skins are green don't let that turn you away - these bars are PURE HEAVEN!

I often get asked, since Gary doesn't eat the carbs why am I???? The short answer - because I just can't give'm up! But I should because Gary looks so good and well me - well that's a whole other topic!

The show starts on Sunday - I will be busy in the kitchen real soon to get the sweets made and packaged up!

Jane M

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I live for SPARKLE!

Oh yes I do and anyway I can wear it I will! Look at these pretty things for my hair! I've amassed quite the collection over the years!

On another note, I don't think I've mentioned this, but our daughter, who just graduated Cum Laude from The George Washington University in May, is the newest Copy Editor at the Washington Post! You have no idea how excited all of us are! Emily has been working at the Post for 2 weeks now - received her first paycheck and is now on the road to real life! WOOT WOOT! Emily said she is BY FAR the youngest employee there! Emily says she feels like she needs to pinch herself that she is working at a newspaper - which was on her "5 year plan" she made in her mind back in the summer of 2007 before starting at the University!

In 3 weeks Gary and I are going down to DC to move our Emily into her 2nd apartment in D.C. which is now off the GW campus and in a hip part of town and within walking distance (8 minutes) to her new job!

Time is marching on that's for sure!

Happy July 4th weekend!

Jane M
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