Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My flowers are not growing!

I'm UNHAPPY - VERY unhappy with my window boxes this summer season. My flowers are just not GROWING! They are not filling in very well, they are not growing up and over the pickets, they are JUST NOT GROWING! I'm so darn frustrated too! I'm hoping to get to the home center to pick up some more flowers on the CHEAP and stick them and see if I can get some colors going! I have such a short season to make the white house look colorful and I'm very impatient!

My tomatoes and basil are doing nicely however!

It's just about July 4th weekend! I made my husband participate in the tennis round robin last Sunday and I think that kind of did him in! Now both his shoulders are in agony! OH GARY!!!!!!!!!! This weekend I hope to play some tennis and sit by the pool and read my kindle and float on a raft. AAAAAH! Summer!!!!

And then it will soon be time for the Trade Shows! I'm nearly complete in swatching the line - I'd say I'm 94% there. Then there is the huge task of photographing all the ties with Jeff to get up on our website.

OK I'm making myself a little stressed now - Here are the photos of my flowers - my LAME flowers!

Feels like Friday - but it's only Wednesday!

Jane M

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This leak at our next door neighbor's house is really troublesome to all of us who live on this street. Last Saturday night Russ came home late and discovered this water leak on our elderly neighbor's driveway. Russ quickly called the police and at about 2am the water company came up the hill to see what the problem was all about. Since it was dark out they left leaving gallons of watering running down our street. Monday comes and 2 men from the water company come up the hill and take a look at the leak. Nope, can't fix it. Tuesday comes, another 2 men come up the hill, nope, can't fix it. Today the water company came with 3 men and back hoe. GUESS NO ONE CAN FIX THIS AWFUL LEAK AND ALL THIS PRECIOUS WATER IS RUNNING DOWN OUR HILL INTO THE STORM DRAIN FOR THE 5TH STRAIGHT DAY IN A ROW! Somebody's paying for this waste of water -- and well isn't water precious and NOT meant to be wasted? I wonder what tomorrow will bring?! Probably another few men standing around watching the water flow down the hill.

GRRRR - it's quite frustrating indeed!

Jane M

Monday, June 20, 2011

I found this most fitting Father's Day Card

for my Gary! I was shopping in my favorite food store, WEGMANS, and low and behold look at the card I found!

Summer is coming tomorrow!

I'm already tan though - yeah!

Jane M

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tomatoes and Basil

Who out there doesn't love this summer time treat? Not many I'm sure. This summer I only planted 2 pots on my deck. As you can see, 1 pot has basil and 1 pot has the tomato plant. I surely hope it will be a good good year for my 2 favorite summer treats! We shall see. I am starting to see some flowers on my tomato plant which is a good thing. Now I need to see EVEN more and soon! It is already the middle of June.

So last week we were sweltering in the heat - this week we've got on jeans and sweaters! Go figure. Summer officially starts on June 21st - the longest day of the year.

See you all in NY in July!

Jane M

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coffee Pot Issues!

Yes we Cahn's have coffee pot issues. What can I say? The week before last, Gary was washing out the carafe of our 5+ month old drip coffee pot maker, when the carafe shattered and broke to smithereens in the sink. GRRRR. Yet another hiccup in our morning routine! Gary immediately went online and chose the wrong carafe to fit our coffee maker. GRRRR. I went online a few days ago and found the proper carafe and just now received on email that it has been shipped!

So in the meantime we pulled out our trusty REVERE WARE percolator! This pot was originally my parents when they first got married on December 25th, 1955. This pot makes the most wonderful coffee! But - isn't there always a BUT with me? But the pot must be watched. No presetting for the coffee pot to go off at a certain time. Just fill the pot with water, the desired amount of coffee grinds, set it on the stove, and once the percolating starts, set the timer for 7 minutes!

Life doesn't get much better than that - does it now?!

Happy Saturday - of course it's nasty in NJ today - I'm headed off to a garden tour. I will be wearing my rubber boots and windbreaker!

Jane M

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I can't believe I'm doing it AGAIN!

I am sure you don't remember but I sure do - back in the Fall of 2009 I was bringing in my hanging plant when out popped a bird who flew around my downstairs plopping on my furniture! After that horrendous experience - me screaming like a NUT -- I said I'd never hang another plant on our front porch again. What do they say - NEVER SAY NEVER -because today at the nursery this plant was calling me. YEP it did. And now the hanging beauty has a home on my front porch! Gary said to me that he would beat the plant with a baseball plant to free the nesting birds. I just know the birdies will be back - they LOVE THE CAHN'S! All animals love our yard! I haven't told Gary this yet, but that plant will never come inside our house. It's just too big and I have no place to house it over the winter. And and AND I'M REALLY AFRAID OF ANOTHER BIRD FLYING OUT IN THE HOUSE!

Happy Sunday - the sun FINALLY came out - and it's only 6pm din-din time!

Jane M

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My blog

has been down for 3 weeks and I was not able to publish anything! But in that time (3 weeks) Emily graduated from GW, Russ came home after finishing his Sophomore year at Rider and started his job of being a caddy ... and as of last night OUR DAUGHTER IS NOW WORKING AT THE WASHINGTON POST as an Editorial Aid! WE-ARE-ALL-OVER-THE-MOON about this wonderful news! If anyone deserved a DREAM JOB it's our Emily who worked her TAIL off for 4 years! I'm not too sure of all the nitty gritty details regarding her new job JUST THAT SHE HAS A JOB IN WASHINGTON DC her favorite place to be!

Not much time to write as Gary and I are in the throws of getting the Fall 2011 Neck Wear line going! In 6 weeks we'll be at the Javits getting our booth all set up!

Jane M
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