Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A College Graduation

Emily graduated The George Washington University over the weekend. What a wonderful milestone and weekend the Cahn's had! Even though the weather was iffy - someone had some pull as the Main graduation on the National Mall went off without a hitch! We even had Sunshine! WOOT WOOT!

We went to a meet and greet up at the GW Hatchet Friday night. We met her peers who all worked tirelessly on their school paper. Had a lovely dinner together on Capital Hill and had a little stroll around afterwards.

Saturday we had an early breakfast to meet and greet her professors in the SMPA School. CNN and White House insiders were just some of her professors. Emily was interviewed too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rHGkaOfuvs&feature=youtu.be

Next up was her "Columbian School" graduation inside where they called her name (among probably 1000! Emily's name was in the program for her Award of the Gridiron Scholarship. Seeing her walk in brought a tear to my eye thinking wow 4 years is all finished at GW! But onto new things! A job would be lovely - Emily is on the hunt and knowing Emily she will find something! As Michael Bloomberg, the Commencement speaker said, the HARDEST workers are the LUCKIEST! Isn't that true!! Din-din at Charlie Palmer's Saturday was quite yummy. Then it was back to bed with the early wake up call to be on the Mall for the main event!

Please enjoy all my photos and click on the link to see our Emily - with her proud MOM MOM standing beside her!

Jane M - MOM of a college graduate!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I love SPRING!

Finally a gorgeous day here in NJ! YIPPEE! I wanted to take pictures and show you the crazy wisteria vine that lives down the street. WOW the vine has hopped to all the trees in the area. The vine has already claimed 2 trees I think - I wonder how much longer these trees can hold up with this insidious vine?!

My other neighbor grows these very pretty allium plants. They are in the garlic family so the deer never touch these cool bulbs. Every spring I say I'm going to plant my own allium and every fall I forget!!!!!!!!!! At least I can enjoy these.

Gordie always loves to walk and snoop on the street. He's getting so very old that he walks quite slowly now. We do love our Gordie.

So happy Spring out there!

Jane M
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