Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christmas Trees

are still out by the curb on our street! YES amazing isn't it...Christmas is now 2 months ago! Every walk with the dog or drive down the street I see the rotting trees. Only a couple of trees are still living as they were put into the snow and I guess still getting water to not lose their needles! CRAZY right? We had our first blizzard of the season on December 26th and only 1 tree was by the curb...but after that all the trees were hauled to the curb and we had about 2 snow storms a week in January and many of the trees were covered by the snow. Now that we have some melting look at all the trees on just our street alone that are waiting to be taken away! I wonder when the town will get to this task?

Still cold here in NJ - but we're getting warmer temps every day and tonight and tomorrow a ton of rain. I think that will be it for all the snow that's hanging on.

Jane M

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We eat a LOT of produce!

Today I spent a bit of the afternoon in the kitchen making veggies. Lots and lots of veggies.

I made sliced celery, onions and ricotta (could not find Farmer's Cheese in the market) salad.

I made Jicima, onion and orange salad.

I roasted beets to put in our cucumber and onion salad.

And then I roasted some carrots!

Isn't this all so healthy?! And if I were on Weight Watchers - I think these dishes are almost 0 POINTS - well the cheese and the homemade dressings have points/calories but how else could we get them down?

Time to start the dinner now...

Happy Sunday evening! Tomorrow is Presidents Day but we are working.

Jane M

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not very GREEN

but our grass is beginning to show after ALL THOSE SNOW STORMS we had this winter! The last time we saw our lawn was on December 26th - that FIRST BLIZZARD of the season! So our grass is still there - all flattened and not too green, but none the less it's THERE! Yesterday we had VERY VERY BIG WINDS - a branch came down and hit Gary on the side of the head while taking out the garbage! Seriously he's bruised and scratched up on the side of his head! The snow is starting to melt off our back table on our deck! And I used my spatula to shovel off the snow on the deck to open up our back door to grill which I did last night!

This week though I'm starting to get that Spring feeling! By Friday we're expecting 60+ degrees! WOW!

So many of the stores and our salesmen are out in Las Vegas at MRket. Hope it's going well out there. Gary and I here working all the orders!

Jane M

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gordie is a little under the weather

Our best dog Gordie had a little surgery today - Makes me sad but he seems fine and dandy! We have the BEST VET in NEW JERSEY! He always sees me and takes Gordie right away whenever he has a problem. YIPPEE! Today was no different. Now that Gordie is back home, I have to cover every couch or chair that he sits on! Thank goodness he has his own bed now! I will spare you any photos of the stitches. Even I can't look at it - eek GROSS!

Hope this weather is getting you too down. Spring is right around the corner and I just checked the long range forecast and I don't see any snow for the next 10 days! Good thing as there really isn't anywhere to put the white stuff! Soon we'll all be dreading the big melt into our BASEMENTS!

Happy February to you all!

Jane M

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


SNOW-MAGEDDON! Gary and I have returned home from Chicago and NOT A MINUTE TOO SOON! Off we went Friday morning (also worried about getting out after New York's 18" snow fall the day before)to Chicago to the Chicago Collective. Spent a lovely day Friday doing a little set up and then a little shopping and A WHOLE LOT OF EATING. Saturday was much the same. Then came Sunday, DAY #1 of the show. Was a great day as far as showing ties and schmoozing with our customers. But - I always have a BUT, the news was leaking about a bit of a snow storm heading to Chicago. By Sunday night, after a long day of showing TIES, we came home and flicked on THE WEATHER CHANNEL only to be scared silly about an impending storm OF THE CENTURY! What to do - What to do...Monday, got up and dressed and all the buzz at the show was the coming snow storm. I'M SICK OF SNOW! SERIOUSLY! The vendors were given the chance to break down their booths early and get out of town. You cannot believe what the floor looked like once we found out our options. EVERYONE WAS ON THEIR CELL PHONES CALLING THE AIRLINES! I'm not exaggerating. Truly ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE PERSON WAS ON THE PHONE MAKING ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS to get home - Gary and I included. We've had good luck with the FIRST FLIGHT out of the day and therefore chose the 6:00am flight home to Newark, NJ. Today was no exception. Gary and I were at the airport a little before 4:00am and the first 2 crazies at the gate waiting to board. They were de-icing the airplane and we filled the plane and shoved off right on time. Everything was going smoothly right before we were touching down, when all of a sudden the engines roared up, wheels went back up and up we went into the sky. Seems we were a tad too close to the plane ahead of us and had to circle in the clouds for 20 more minutes. But we got home safely only to see all the flights going back OUT to Chicago and Dallas CANCELLED! We're home -we're safe and we're back to work as tired as we are but thrilled to be sleeping in our own beds and not stranded at O'Hare! THANK YOU BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPEE! So I think tomorrow I'll start making my butter toffee candy for the orders. I don't want to disappoint anyone now!


Jane M
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