Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sure looks that way!

Gary and I are hopefully FLYING out to Chicago early tomorrow to set up for the Chicago Collective. I sure hope the airports will be up and running and that our airplane will be there!

My father has been in NJ with us visiting the doctor in Manhattan. My parents have been snow birds for so many years I lost count. Yesterday the 2 of us trekked into Manhattan via train and city bus and got up and downtown in good time even with the snow coming down! We luckily got home for lunch time - just in time for the storm to rear itself again and then of course overnight and dump an amazing amount of wet thick snow all over! EEEK. Russell is back at University so it was me and my Gary snow blowing and shoveling our way out of the house. Russell will be coming home tomorrow to house sit and take care of Gordie, so I'm sure he'll finish up the very very big task of moving the snow! This sure has been some hard winter here in the Northeast. I bet my Dad can't wait to get back down to Florida tomorrow morning as well.

See you all in Chicago!

Jane M

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


another snow storm is headed here to NY/NJ? Come on - REALLY? Am I ever happy to have purchased our shiny red snow blower this past September. As I posted a while back, I thought buying this machine would make for a warm - snow free winter. BUT IT'S NOT AND WE'VE USED THE MACHINE - well Russell has used the machine many many times. I guess tomorrow the little red machine will get another workout. We shall see.

Good times!

Jane M

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I found some more pictures on my camera

from the show that I never uploaded until this morning. Gary and Russ went to the NY JET rally in Florham Park, NJ and needed the camera and that's when I found these pictures. Oh and you won't believe this but my favorite lamp from our Barcelona Hotel room showed up at the MRket lounge area! I nearly fell down on the floor! Lizette, Karen, Stu - I NEED THIS LAMP - WHERE DOES IT COME FROM??????????????????

Happy day before the big football game here at the Cahn's house!

Jane M

Friday, January 21, 2011

After the NY MRket show

We're back into our regular routine here at Private Stock. We had a busy few days in NYC. The drive in and out of Manhattan nearly wore us out! Just incase you didn't know, but we were INSIDE the Javits Center, IN OUR BOOTH at 6:50am EACH MORNING! Yes indeedy -the early bird catches the worm as they say.

Our ties were very well received as well as the new bow tie line!

I also didn't bake up the biscotti for the show. I'm just plain tired of that recipe. So I tried my hand at Butter Toffee with chopped nuts. And you know what? I think everyone liked the candy BETTER than the Biscotti! How funny is that?

On that note, it's Friday, and the 5:00pm whistle just blew. I'm ready for the weekend!

Jane M

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at MRKet

the next few days! We worked in the worst conditions today to set up our booth. Ffffreezing temperatures (literally) as the big back doors were open bringing in merchandise. Our booth (558) happened to be right in the isle of the big huge doors! We're home for an hour, and after a hot cup of coffee I'm finally warmed up.

So come on by to see our Spring 2011 collection and get some sweet treats as well!

See you tomorrow!

Jane M

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When am I going to grill again?

Guess I will have to take out my shovel in order to use my grill! Since this is the back of our house, the shady side, for sure a shovel is in order. Only not tonight. I'm just not in the mood to get out there.

This morning our son Russell, who is still home from college for 2 weeks - spent an hour cleaning up from the latest storm. YIPPEE FOR A OUR NEW SNOW BLOWER! I was up all night looking out to see the accumulation. From my bedroom window I thought the snow wasn't too deep. Only until I put on Gordie's hoodie and headed out this morning did I see how deep the snow was and of course Gordie wanted no part of it!

I just tried out my new secret sweet to hand out at MRKet next week. Oh boy was it yummy in my tummy. Come see us, order some ties, and get your goodie!

Happy snowy January!

Jane M

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I heart Valentines Day because I

heart HEARTS! I was reading my February issue of Martha Stewart Living where there was an article showing how to cut beets in the shape of hearts! So that is what we had for our side dish tonight! Aren't they so cute?!

The potty reno is slowly coming to end. The contractor and his worker came TODAY, Sunday, to do as much finishing work as they could. We are still waiting on the plumber! So the room looks like a bathroom only there is no running water! YET.

Big week here at Private Stock. TIES TIES AND MORE TIES are hopefully arriving, WEATHER PERMITTING, and of course the MRKet show starts up on Monday, January 17th. We have most everything put aside to take to NYC for set up a week from today. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it's exciting and we both can't wait to show you the new SPRING 2011 line!

I spent Thursday and Friday with the photographer -- so hopefully by the end of the week or so the ties will be up on the site. Boy do they look colorful and sophisticated and drop dead gorgeous - if I do say so myself!

All good things happening - so please come by to see us in NYC next week!

Jane M

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It was only a week ago today we had a raging Blizzard here in the Northeast. By today, the snow is really really melting away! I won't even have to shovel my deck to get to my grill tomorrow! I do enjoy a good blast of winter, but after a week of the white stuff melting and just being ugly, I'm happy it's disappearing quickly!

So tomorrow starts the first work day in 2011! My goals are neatly tucked away in a Word file to be looked at 364 days from now! Hope I can attain at least half of my goals I set for myself. We shall see.

Happy and Healthy New Year and here's to a wonderful 2011!

Jane M
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