Saturday, December 31, 2011

On a lark

My weekday morning ritual goes as follows.

1. Turn on my computer
2. Go right to Martha's blog
3. After I read Martha's blog I read her dog's blog
4. Martha's dogs Sharkey and Francesca requested photos of all the readers dogs to see them and thank them for reading their blog!
5. I entered of a photo of Gordie sleeping in the Martha Stewart bed I bought at PetSmart
6. Francesca and Sharkey chose the photo and put it up on their blog! Gordie is in photo #10!

Busy day for me as I have to think and write out my goals for 2012.

Happy and Healthy 2012 to all!

Jane M


Brandon said...

Gordie looks very comfortable in that bed! I thought I was a fan of Martha Stewart, but you show me up for sure, checking her blog every day! True fan!

I just discovered your blog, and will hopefully be back very soon! I enjoyed reading here!


Privatestock said...

Brandon, thanks for commenting. I just wanted to let you know that I was informed in my newspaper that Hallmark CANCELLED Martha's TV SHOW!! She will finish out this season - and my guess will land somewhere else in the future. Her ratings were just terrible on the Hallmark channel. I guess I will only have her blog to follow after April - we'll have to see....

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I guess that's a good thing! Martha Stewart seems to be such a big name but we see *nothing* of her over here in the UK for some strange reason.

Privatestock said...

Hmmm I wonder why Martha isn't big in the UK???? But you can learn a lot on all her different websites.

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