Sunday, October 30, 2011


I refuse to post pictures of the snow in October - we still have most EVERY LEAF still on the trees which are only just beginning to turn! Luckily this storm we didn't lose power. Well at least NOT YET. We've not ventured out since yesterday after lunch since we had a STATE OF EMERGENCY in NJ. We understand there are many trees down - this we know as there are tons of limbs down on our street alone!

But our Gordie - he had no idea what was coming. He was just groomed and was very very cold having to go outside to do his business. So last night Gary walked him and Gordie came running in to his beddie!

Gary tucked him in and there he slept until about 4:30am when he got up to get out from underneath the covers.

Happy Sunday! At least I don't have to rake any leaves as they are covered with the snow!

PS Seems like we're a wind gust away from losing power- a neighbor just called to say a tree limb from my tree is dangling on the wire out back! GAAAAAAAAAH! I can't take it



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