Saturday, October 1, 2011

My New Measuring Spoons

I think I watch entirely TOO MUCH cooking on television. I say this because I seem to want more kitchen stuff ALL-THE-TIME! I'm actually taking 1 night class in 2 weeks called: COOK BETTER, FASTER, AND SMARTER. It's a class on how to use all the gadgets in your kitchen to the best of their ability. My only worry is that since the course is taught by the owner of our local kitchen store in town, I might be tempted to go out and buy all the stuff I don't own (which probably isn't all that much).

Anyway, I have been eyeing these measuring spoons for probably 1 year! ONE YEAR - I was surfing around the Amazon site after reading about the new KINDLE FIRE and low and behold there were the spoons.

They arrived yesterday and I gasped. These spoons look HUGE - I mean REALLY HUGE!

I immediately think I've been had -- I buying PRETTY but these spoons aren't really functional. So I get out my measuring cup and you won't believe it.

The pretty cupcake measuring spoon measures a tiny bit over the 1 TABLESPOON measure. The ordinary measuring spoon doesn't even come close to measuring 1 full Tablespoon! GO FIGURE!

Well now it is time for me to get cooking - WITH MY NEW FANCY MEASURING SPOONS!

Happy Saturday!

Jane M

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