Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I WAS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well in a TV audience for.................THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW! On a whim, I wrote away for tickets a little over 2 weeks ago and they answered my request.

My friend and I took an early train into Manhattan and we were seated and the show went LIVE at 10am yesterday. I record the show so last night I watched the show - and I saw myself in the audience :)! GAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Martha did a segment on how to save seeds for heirloom tomatoes and the audience received a book on SEEDS. I was HOPING for a Vitamix - but beggars can't be choosy!

Martha's set was gorgeous - truly. And I can see how she can turn "it" on and "off" for the cameras. All in all a good time was had by ALL!

We were gypped out of a Q & A with Martha because right after the taping of our show, she was on ANOTHER media blitz for yet ANOTHER BOOK she is hawking. Shame we didn't get a copy. It was an updated version of her very first book ENTERTAINING.

The weekend before we had a lovely time with Emily down in DC. I'll blog again later in the week and show you pictures of our fun weekend away. Too bad Gordie didn't fair so well being boarded at the VET. In fact, we have to find other arrangements because Gordie came home WACKED OUT!

Time to pack up more TIES!

Jane M


Fran said...

That's so cool! Too bad about the Vitamix, but at least you go to see your domestic idol!

I have that first Entertaining book. I used to use it all the time and I still go to it once in a while. It's a great book.

Privatestock said...

GAAAAAAAAAAAH I just watched today's Martha ( I DVR all the shows) and of course today and all WEEK she's giving out her new gorgeous looking book ENTERTAINING. #Ihavenoluck

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