Sunday, September 4, 2011

A story about Copper Beech Trees

When we purchased the house we are living in, there was a very big copper beech tree on our front lawn. The tree was quite close to the house and since the leaves are so dark (copper :) ), the house held a tremendous amount of humidity. 1 of our 1st renovation jobs was to install central air conditioning which has seriously changed our lives! With that huge job many walls and ceilings came tumbling down (our home is all built with plaster walls)during the install of the A/C.

Our copper beech tree was not doing very well since the day we moved in to our home. We tried everything to keep the tree alive, but in the end, had it removed the summer of 1997. There are 3 more copper beech trees on our street - 1 more was removed 2 summers ago because their tree was in bad shape.

I am writing this story because with each passing storm I'm watching the 2nd to last copper beech tree on our street wither away. I'm just very surprised this neighbor isn't just taking the tree down for safety reasons. 2 more giant branches fell last weekend with hurricane Irene. To me what's left of the tree isn't even good looking. (can you tell I'm not too much of a tree hugger?).

Time will tell if this neighbor removes the tree - and then there will be 1 left! I'm told the last standing copper beech on our street is the oldest in our town!

Happy Sunday - 1 week after the hurricane! I had to sneak 1 photo in of our best dog Gordie!

Jane M

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