Thursday, August 11, 2011

A list of THINGS

1. The Shows for Private Stock are complete for 2011. We were very pleased of the overall outcome! YIPPEE!

2. Of course we had a TERRIFIC time out in Chicago! I always say the same thing - but it's just a wonderful city! As you know WE LOVE the Chicago Collective and we love our new location (the former lunch room - LUNCH - my favorite time of the day!).

3. I like going to new restaurants and parts of the city and we did just this on Monday night. We went with a fun group of people to a restaurant in Old Town called, Topo Gigio! The company and food were #1! Plus I couldn't get over how packed this restaurant was on a Monday night!

4. I like flying out on the 1st flight of the day - but just HATE how tired I am by midday. I thought I would pass out yesterday, but I fought thru my sleepiness and made it until 5pm. Promptly fell right out on the couch and threw myself into bed at 9pm after crawling off the couch in a stupor.

5. I don't enjoy buying new sandals only to have my feet all torn up by the end of the day. The Chicago Collective office has the BEST assortment of band aids - LIFE SAVER is all I can say!

6. The Brick Chicken at Rose Buds is home cooking away from home for us. I am going to try and make it here 1 night this week. I'm told they "finish" off the chicken in their pizza oven. That's something I do not have - but that's OK too.

7. I'm looking forward to the weekend where I can put my feet up at the pool hopefully and just rest up after working non stop.

8. I'm thankful for having a computer to enter all our orders and get my desk paper free! Well I have a mound still to accomplish, but knowing me, by this afternoon all will be put back together.

9. I like coming home to Russell and Gordie and hearing all went well while we were out of town. Poor Gordie, in his old age when we walked through the front door he was having trouble waking up to greet us! Oh I just love our poodle.

10. Lastly, I'd like to thank ALL our customers for their generous orders! Without you, well who would I have to bake for? I would also like to thank our hard working sales force who are out in the trenches week after week. This Fall Gary and I hope to get out and visit some of our wonderful stores all over the country!

Happy August and now it is time for me to GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!

Jane M

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