Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another RANDOM post

Sunday morning here in NJ. A very very RAINY Sunday morning so no need to get up and rush outside that's for sure. So here we go.

1. I am ALWAYS a little bit late to the party. I've just discovered these velvet covered hangers. Oh boy are they terrific! I'm on my 2nd box! Gary, I will need to buy even MORE clothes on our next Chicago trip to fill up the empty hangers as well as the space in my closet. YIPPEE! Why has it taken me so long to get on the hanger craze? Anyway, I love these hangers - it's the LITTLE things with me.

2. Our gutters can't handle the rain that's coming down right now. It rained like this over night as well as the radio is reporting flooded roads all around our area. Looks like I'll be staying inside much of the day accept for walking Gordie of course.

3. I plan on reading my LIVING magazine which arrived yesterday. Maybe an article or 2 will inspire me. You never know with me.

So that's my August 14th Sunday plan. A whole lot of relaxing -

Big work week ahead - I think our show stuff is coming back. We will have to put all our bust forms and ladders away until the next show!

Jane M


Fran said...

I hope the weather shapes up for the weekend! I need some pool-time.

I need to know how those hangars do with knits. I want to get them, so i guess I could put sweaters on regular quilted hangars and keep them on a different rack in the closet. Yep, I am going to need to get those hangars you have!

Privatestock said...

I'm going to check my hangers/sweaters ... just back, and my sweaters seem fine and dandy! You can buy the hangers in a box of 50 or by the pack which come in 12's (1 dozen - TIE COUNTING!). I think you need these hangers for your gorgeous closets! They won't disappoint! But you will see them Thursday night when you arrive!

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