Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meyer Lemons

Raise your hand if you ever have eaten a Meyer Lemon -- ME ME! Yesssirr - Meyer lemons are such a wonderful citrus. My parents planted a Meyer lemon tree at their home in Florida. Every year they MISS the crop as they are snow birds and return to NJ too soon to pick any lemons. This year, they stayed later in the land of HEAT - and they picked a ton of unripened lemons for them, for my sis, and for me. I've been ripening my lemons on the counter and last night I decided it was time to make the lemon bars! Even tho the skins are green don't let that turn you away - these bars are PURE HEAVEN!

I often get asked, since Gary doesn't eat the carbs why am I???? The short answer - because I just can't give'm up! But I should because Gary looks so good and well me - well that's a whole other topic!

The show starts on Sunday - I will be busy in the kitchen real soon to get the sweets made and packaged up!

Jane M

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