Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This leak at our next door neighbor's house is really troublesome to all of us who live on this street. Last Saturday night Russ came home late and discovered this water leak on our elderly neighbor's driveway. Russ quickly called the police and at about 2am the water company came up the hill to see what the problem was all about. Since it was dark out they left leaving gallons of watering running down our street. Monday comes and 2 men from the water company come up the hill and take a look at the leak. Nope, can't fix it. Tuesday comes, another 2 men come up the hill, nope, can't fix it. Today the water company came with 3 men and back hoe. GUESS NO ONE CAN FIX THIS AWFUL LEAK AND ALL THIS PRECIOUS WATER IS RUNNING DOWN OUR HILL INTO THE STORM DRAIN FOR THE 5TH STRAIGHT DAY IN A ROW! Somebody's paying for this waste of water -- and well isn't water precious and NOT meant to be wasted? I wonder what tomorrow will bring?! Probably another few men standing around watching the water flow down the hill.

GRRRR - it's quite frustrating indeed!

Jane M


Fran said...

Good lord! And the neighbor, she's ok? I mean, nothing bad happening in her house that water is running, running, running like that?

Privatestock said...

Luckily our neighbor has water! She's been calling the water dept., Russell has been calling, and I know folks across the street called - so we're all calling the water dept. and they seem to not be able to fix the problem! It's just awful!

Mary said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to this post. I honestly thought I had already done that. My bad! Your problem is a shame. May I suggest you call the health department and a local newspaper. Sometimes help comes from odd areas. At least it is worth a try. Have a good weekend. Blessings...Mary

Privatestock said...

Thanks Mary - a private plumbing company came on Friday and stopped the water! YIPPEE...only now there is a major hole still there. Guess they have to figure out how to fill it in while still be able to get to the pipe. I'm thinking that with all the neighbors calling the water company they just had to hire someone with knowledge to make the water stop!

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