Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My flowers are not growing!

I'm UNHAPPY - VERY unhappy with my window boxes this summer season. My flowers are just not GROWING! They are not filling in very well, they are not growing up and over the pickets, they are JUST NOT GROWING! I'm so darn frustrated too! I'm hoping to get to the home center to pick up some more flowers on the CHEAP and stick them and see if I can get some colors going! I have such a short season to make the white house look colorful and I'm very impatient!

My tomatoes and basil are doing nicely however!

It's just about July 4th weekend! I made my husband participate in the tennis round robin last Sunday and I think that kind of did him in! Now both his shoulders are in agony! OH GARY!!!!!!!!!! This weekend I hope to play some tennis and sit by the pool and read my kindle and float on a raft. AAAAAH! Summer!!!!

And then it will soon be time for the Trade Shows! I'm nearly complete in swatching the line - I'd say I'm 94% there. Then there is the huge task of photographing all the ties with Jeff to get up on our website.

OK I'm making myself a little stressed now - Here are the photos of my flowers - my LAME flowers!

Feels like Friday - but it's only Wednesday!

Jane M

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