Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christmas Trees

are still out by the curb on our street! YES amazing isn't it...Christmas is now 2 months ago! Every walk with the dog or drive down the street I see the rotting trees. Only a couple of trees are still living as they were put into the snow and I guess still getting water to not lose their needles! CRAZY right? We had our first blizzard of the season on December 26th and only 1 tree was by the curb...but after that all the trees were hauled to the curb and we had about 2 snow storms a week in January and many of the trees were covered by the snow. Now that we have some melting look at all the trees on just our street alone that are waiting to be taken away! I wonder when the town will get to this task?

Still cold here in NJ - but we're getting warmer temps every day and tonight and tomorrow a ton of rain. I think that will be it for all the snow that's hanging on.

Jane M

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Fran said...

Wow, that's crazy. The dogs must love it. :)

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