Thursday, December 30, 2010

An end of the year post

Here are my HIGHLIGHTS of 2010:

1. Gary and I attended our FIRST MRKet at the Javits Center in January 2010. Was a great show and we had much more traffic and response since moving from the Warwick Hotel. Plus 3 less days was a huge help as well!

2. I went to Chicago in the WINTER for the first time. Both kids were in college and out on their own and so off I went. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicago - even though in February it was cold and snowy.

3. We had a major rain storm in March. Luckily it wasn't snow - but we lost power for nearly 2 days! We ran out to the store to buy flashlights and had to throw out a lot of food. The only positive was we didn't have any trees down on our property. But it certainly was a big hiccup as both kids came home for their spring break!

4. Our daughter turned 21 in April - milestone birthday - need I say more?

5. Russ came home from his Freshman year of college, dropped his bags and went over to our Rescue Squad in town and joined up. He started his EMT training 3x a week as well as working as a camp counselor. He sure was busy this past summer!

6. The summer hit with heat that never let up! But summer for us is ALL TIES ALL THE TIME! We were back at MRket and Chicago once again!

7. Emily came home for a week to recharge in August and then she was back to start her Senior year at GW University. She had a terrific internship at the Houston Chronicle and made many contacts.

8. September rolled around and Gary and I became empty nesters again. We also started shipping many of the ties you sold over the XMAS holidays! We bought our 14 year old BEST DOG EVER, Gordie his own beddie! Gary and I went to the first NY Jet game at the New Meadowlands Stadium! That was FUN!

9. October - Spain/Barcelona - our long weekend trip. Was it fun! We loved our hotel bathroom so so much, that we are in the middle of bathroom reno at home to "copy" the room we had in Barcelona. I think by next week the room will be up and operating!

10. November - still shipped out some ties for stores that needed fill-ins and had a good Thanksgiving feast. We also did a trunk show at Sam's in Livingston - had a fun time!

11. December - in between seasons - getting ready for the next trade show! Swatching, photographing ties, designing the booth. All that good stuff. Oh and yeah we had a BLIZZARD 3 days ago dumping over 24" of the white stuff!

So now it's time for me to set my goals for 2011. Gary is waiting until tomorrow to show me his goals for 2010 to see if we made them.

Oh and in between all the work and play - I did a whole bunch of cooking and baking! Here's a factoid - I baked 1,000 bags of my double chocolate walnut biscotti! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I wish you all a Happy and HEALTHY 2011!

Jane M

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did you hear we got some snow?

Our town isn't on this map, but we got somewhere in the vicinity of 24"+ inches of the white stuff. And let me tell you, we feel it! I've not been on the roads/out since Saturday afternoon (our Katz's deli outing)but from what Gary and Russ tell me I must wait to get behind the wheel of our car. The roads really aren't cleared properly and I'm a break HITTER. And that is the worst thing to do in snow and ice - of which we only have 24" minus a little bitty melting.

For the first time living in this town, the plows didn't come up our hill until nearly 10am on Monday morning! We've not received a newspaper since Sunday, no mail, no garbage pick-up- no NOTHING!

The only thing to do is EAT - and it's after 12pm - so that means LUNCH is in order! I've got a cinnamon loaf proofing in a bowl right now!

Happy 3 days until 2011!

Jane M

Friday, December 24, 2010

3rd year in a row on the exact same date

our percolator coffee pot dies! I'm not making this up - seriously. 2 days before XMAS, December 23rd, 2008, 2009, and 2010 our percolator just STOPS brewing coffee. Yesterday we had enough!

Off we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, coupons in hand and bought ourselves a brand new drip coffee maker. Isn't she a beauty? This new machine brews more cups of coffee as well as having a timer! This morning we awoke to the smell of fresh coffee (just like in those corny coffee commercials!).

Happy day before XMAS! Hope your holiday is wonderful and peaceful!

Jane M

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some more progress

Well the wall tiles are all in and now the men are starting the floor. Our room is really looking like the hotel bathroom we had on our Spain trip! We are so thrilled with the look of the room so far. Now we can't wait to see the fixtures go in and USE IT! Scrub-a-dub-dub!

Happy 4 days before XMAS!

Jane M

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18th

WOW time flies. Seriously! Last weekend I was in Virginia with my sis, baking and shopping and cooking. Then we went into DC on Sunday and had a lovely Tapas brunch with Emily. Emily was busy finishing up her Fall semester - only 1 more to go for her! We hung at Em's place - such a nice studio apartment and Monday Emily and I took a tour of our Capitol and the Library of Congress. I cooked for Emily and her 2friends, dinner - a send off din-din as the 2 girls graduated a semester early. Tuesday morning Emily and I took the train up to NJ.

Emily and I came home to a 3rd floor bathroom reno. Gary and I have been saying for YEARS we need to fix the potty room and well the time is here. Hope it comes out looking pretty! FINGERS CROSSED!

OK I'm making TOFFEE to take to 2 holiday parties tonight. First time I've made this kind of candy.

Happy week before CHRISTMAS! Hope you sell a lot of clothing and our TIES!

Jane M -- Just found out, the tiling starts Monday. WOOT WOOT! That's my favorite part of the job!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gordie got his FIRST hoodie

Gordie has been miserable at night. Or so I think. Or so I don't know what else to think. Crying at 3am is not a fun thing to hear for the past 3 nights when the mercury has dropped to below freezing.

I said to Gary - GORDIE NEEDS A SWEATER! His hair is quite short and he must be cold! Heck even the 2 of us are cold in our house.

Off we went to PETSMART. That darn Martha Stewart has me TRAINED! I found a little rack of sweaters sized small, medium, large and XL. Can't believe Gordie is a large but so be it. I tried the hoodie on in the store and Gordie hasn't taken it off since. The hood - he doesn't like it. But he seems to feel warmer and not so whiney.

Last night tho, he did cry at 3:15am and out he went to do his business. Then he was off snooping and sniffing, when I had to run out after him and make him go back to bed!

But seriously - doesn't he look warm and cozy?

Jane M

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hand Rails

After living in our home for many years, we finally had hand rails installed for our front porch steps. Seems we've been breaking law for many years, as it is now code. Who knew? Safety first! I think the rails give our home a different look. It also won't be as easy if we get snow to push the snow off the steps, but at least if it's slippery out we've got something to hold onto!

Gary and Russ fired up our new snow blower over the Thanksgiving weekend just to make sure it runs. Now I'm waiting anxiously for our first snow storm!

Hope you are all having wonderful sell throughs during this holiday season (especially with our beautiful neckwear). Call or email if you need more fill ins!


Jane M

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes it is!

That time of the year when I'm frantically working to get the sample lines going! I'm starting earlier this year - woot woot! And as usual, my fingers are hurting from all the double stick taping. I see nice spring/summer colors - handsome stripes - nifty medallions and micro neats as well. For some reason, this season I've not picked a favorite style as of yet. Maybe once we get to the shows and start showing the ties I'll have 1 chosen!
How do you like our new and revamped website? We've been working on our new site for quite some time.
OK back to the swatching!
Jane M
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