Sunday, October 31, 2010

I finally tried making Polenta for the 1st time

This past Friday night, I was invited to a party where we hired a chef (our own Jean-Georges) to cook for us! WOOT WOOT! He made for us a salad with sea scallops, roast stuffed pork loin, roasted carrots and parsnips, polenta, and profiteroles for the dessert! YUM!

Last night I roasted ANOTHER chicken on my grill (Wow I'm just like the Barefoot Contessa roasting chickens weekly)and decided NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE MY OWN POLENTA. Boy was it an easy task and quite tasty too!

It's a cool weather Sunday, my boys are heading once again to the NEW MEADOWLANDS STADIUM to watch their NY JETS and I'm here doing my thing.

Jane M

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Grass is GREEN once again!

As everyone knows, we had an incredibly HOT and DRY summer here in the Northeast. Although we have a sprinkler system, nothing greens up grass better than a good rain. Our front lawn in places suffered with the pounding sun. We waited until mid September and went to work greening up our lawn (remember GREEN is my favorite color!). Look how great it's doing! We're thrilled. Now I guess it's time to get out our rakes.

Happy Fall - hope you're all selling lots of merchandise - INCLUDING our fine ties!

Jane M

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still writing about Barcelona





Well I'm back home still thinking about our getaway. I have not written about the lamp in our hotel room that I'm now obsessed with. I took a picture of the lamp with my BlackBerry and emailed my best friend back home. She is probably the BEST SHOPPER on the face of the earth! Yesterday she met her sister for lunch at the Museum of Modern Art and found my lamp in the MOMA store! I can't believe it!

I don't know what it is about this lamp that I love so much but you be the judge. I think it would go perfectly on my desk just like the desk we had in our hotel room.

AAAH how will I get through today knowing my lamp is out there and me not having it?!!!

Jane M

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Burning Question

Does anyone out there know why at American Airport Security check points, we must TAKE OFF OUR SHOES to go through the security check and in Europe no shoe taking off is required? As you know Gary and I had a long weekend in Barcelona, Spain - SUCH A FUN FUN TIME - and upon being dropped off at the airport in Spain we entered the most beautiful clean airport! We went to our airline counter to check in (even though we had checked in online) and were greeted by 2 airline workers. They each looked directly at us, asked us both the same questions and off we went through the security line - which was NOTHING compared to Newark Airport. The line was spacious, not hassled and we went through smoothly - shoes ON! We hung out in the shopping area for a bit and then headed off to our gate. The floors were so shiny we needed to wear sunglasses! Again, nothing like the conditions at Newark Airport. Then when it was time to board our plane, the same 2 fellows who greeted us at the check-in, were there to look us in the eye and ask the same few questions and off we went to board our plane for the 9 hour ride home. I have to say I felt quite secure boarding the plane in Europe.

That's all I have to say for today - time to get to shipping out all the October orders.

Oh 1 more thing - while blogging in Spain, Google knew I was there and when I hit spell check MY ENTIRE POSTS CAME UP MISSPELLED! Now that I'm back home - it's all back to normal.


Jane M

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Barcelona Day 4

Today is our last day here in the bustling city of Barcelona, Spain. Having come here on a whim, and knowing practically nothing about the city, we are leaving tomorrow feeling like this was truly a wonderful vacation and place we would visit again!

We have done so many things in the 4 days that we have been here and we've eating many a good meal! We also had 1 disaterous meal - food wise and money wise. Have you ever eaten BARNACLES - that cost $70 for the plate? EEEK! We are fairly seasoned travelers and I think we kind of got sold down the river as they say. The hotel recommended this fine fish restaurant - but after spending a boatload of Euro and not really liking ANY of what we ordered we thought maybe we were in the wrong place. Ran back to our hotel to tell them of our food experience and found out we ate in the TOP TOP TOP FISH restaurant in all of Barcelona. WHO KNEW? Whatever - it was an experience we will NEVER forget!

Gary and I rambled on the Rambla, we took the Metro down to the Mediterrean, we took the bus up to the GAUDI park on hill, we took the fenicular up a huge mountain to view Barcelona and the Mediterrean and we ate more Tapas than we'd ever dream! But to tell you the truth - I would come back in a heartbeat. This place is so lovely, the people quite nice and the food spot on! Now if only the exchange rate would be better for us Americans - I'd like it even more!

Our hotel is just wonderful. Small, boutique hotel where they now "KNOW" us. Our room - well they call it the romantic room. EEEK having the bathroom literally in the room - romantic? Well you decide. But it's all good, and the tile on the walls is gorgeous. In fact we have 1 last bathroom in our home that needs remodeling and we are probably going with our 1st choice of tiles we chose about a month ago after seeing the tiles here in Barcelona.

I will close here and show you some photos of our trip. We feel refreshed and ready to work upon our return!

What a perfect getaway! Can't wait to plan another!


Jane M

Friday, October 22, 2010

We are in Barcelona!

Wow! Gary and I had planned a little mini getaway to Paris, France. As everyone knows, things in Paris are not too great right now, especially for tourists like us! Upon receiving a strange phone call from the hotel in Paris, in about 30 seconds we changed our plans and decided to head to Spain. Spain - I still have to pinch myself thinking we are in Spain!

But let me tell you, Barcelona is a terrific city. And the food - forgetaboutit! It's wonderful. We are currently O.D.'ing on Tapas - tonight will be our first Paella. Red wine, dark, jet engine coffee - we're experiencing it all!

So I can't write much, just resting up before our big din-night. Here are some pictures from our trip so far!


Jane M

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cahn's go to Washington! (AGAIN!)

I never tire of this great city! And also seeing our Emily! Emily is a Senior at THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY and this past weekend was Parent's Weekend. Since we went Freshman year we thought we'd go down for her final year! The entertainment this year was Jimmy Fallon. Most Universities have Football games - GW doesn't have Football hence the comedians! In Emily's 4 years here has been the entertainment:

Billy Crystal
Robin Williams
Jon Stewart
Jimmy Fallon

We drove down early Saturday morning - we crossed paths with our son Russell who came home to take care of the dog and take an EMT training class at Newark Airport. Once we got into DC we dropped our bag and went right to the monuments and into a new museum called The NEWSEUM. What a terrific place! We spent HOURS in this hands on museum!

Afterwards we went for a late lunch early dinner to Ebbitts Grill which is right next to the White House. Who knew the place would be MOBBED at 3pm?!!! We had a terrific meal and headed back to EM's wonderful apartment to take a load off before the show. At 7pm off we went to see Jimmy Fallon and then back to our hotel after that. Was a very long day!

Got up early the next morning and met Em and headed off to Safeway in the Watergate apartment complex. We shopped for food and went back and I did some cook off for 1.5 hours! I made Em meals for the week! And all good food! She's in heaven right now!

So there you have it! Our quick weekend! Was a fun time - and now it's back to work for only a few days for us...

Jane M
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