Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some things

First off, our grass is really growing in! YIPPEE! And with the rain we are getting today, tonight and into tomorrow well we might be cutting the grass by the weekend!

Have you ever seen a mushroom this big before? Crazy - no? In an icky kind of way.

Do you keep your small appliances plugged in? I don't. I'm very cautious that way.

Look at the condensation on our windows. The house feels so wet we turned on our a/c to dry things out.

Do you eat beets? They are very tasty and I roast them once a week and dice them for our salads.

Other than, been busy busy shipping ties and designing the next line to debut in NYC in January 2011!

Jane M

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We bought this for insurance

Well not really - I do like a good snow storm as long as I have stuff to cook in my nice kitchen.

Years ago we and 3 other neighbors went "in" on a snow blower. DON'T EVER DO THAT IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SHARING SOMETHING WITH NEIGHBORS! 1 neighbor now has taken ownership to the 1996 heap because they claim to have serviced the machine when none of us have. Well listen, "their" snow blower is parked in "their" locked garage. It gets taken out on the first storm. How would any of the other 3 neighbors know the cost of the service or anything if we aren't told?

The past winter was a rough 1 and it was back breaking to shovel and then to watch the neighbors with our 1/4th of the machine cleaning their driveway and front walk! So if it does snow this winter, we are cranking up our machine and going right out to push the snow! WOOT WOOT! I love revenge - I do not like "those" neighbors. I'm mean like that but seriously.

Right now I don't know why I'm thinking of snow as it is hot as all get out and the humidity is only at 98%! I LOVE MY FRIZZY HAIR - NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Jane M

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Green Grass Update

What do they say -- PATIENCE is a virtue? Welp I've got none - never had, never will at this point.

But it seems the 2nd time is a charm as our little grass seeds have finally decided to work! Look - little green grass is coming up from the ground! Our lawn is going to survive once again! We only have a few bare patches, but my favorite color is green and we Americans love good lawns. DON'T WE???!!!!

Also pictured are my flowers called 4 O'Clocks. They USUALLY open at 4 O'Clock but due to the rain they aren't opening today. They are still thriving in my garden. Guess the deer don't find them tasty.

Time to start to think about starting dinner.

Craptastick Monday is nearly done!

Jane M

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why can't we grow grass in the bare spots on our lawn?

We've been trying to repair our front lawn (the backyard is HOPELESS)since Sunday, September 5th. Now 4 weeks later - we are no further along. GRRRRR. Gary accidentally spilled grass seed on the driveway and look - maybe it's a miracle but the grass is growing on the driveway and NOT OUR FRONT LAWN. At first we thought we bought "bad" seed. But now that we are getting fantastic green grass on the driveway, I guess that's not the case. We water twice a day to keep the seed moist. We are perplexed and think at least this means we are strictly just a whole bunch better at designing and selling fancy neckwear than we are at growing grass. I have to think at least we're good at something!

We've already chosen 25% of the next line of ties debuting in January 2011. YIPPEE! This is my favorite part of the career choosing colors and patterns. Very creative indeedy!

Well the temps finally cooled down today - and I'm back to being less cranky and ready to whip up Fall meals. BRING. ON. FALL. I'm ready!

Jane M

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The OLD broad isn't left home any more!

Did you hear - me, Jane Cahn, went to the NY JETS game this past Monday night! YES SIR! I did! Actually Monday night was the OPENING GAME for the NEW Meadowlands Stadium for the JETS (they share the stadium with the NY Giants). The only other football game I was to, was with Gary back in 1987, for the last regular season game. All I remember was it was FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE THAT DAY! This past Monday - well the TAILGATING party (my favorite part) the weather was glorious UNTIL about 45 minutes before game time, when the heavens opened up with a fast moving thunder and lightening storm that dropped INCHES of water in about 20 minutes.

I've heard over the last 10+ years how wonderful the tailgating parties are in the parking lot of the Meadowlands and I got to experience the TASTY food the other day! It was total BEEF BEEF BEEF with a few shrimp thrown on the barbie as well. Here is what was prepared on 2 huge Weber Grills and 1 giant smoker. (I've never seen this stuff in a parking lot before!) We had, flank steak, sirloin steak, skirt steak, pork loin, pork spare ribs, flavored sausage, shrimp, lamb chops and veal chops! I probably left out something - but this is what I remember eating off the top of my head. I brought my famous Auntie June Chicken which was glommed up while all this beef was cooking. I also baked up a coffee cake, but only 1/2 was eaten before we all had to RUN FOR COVER.

We had great seats inside the stadium. The game - well it didn't turn out the way we JET fans had hoped. And I kind of think that the sport is more suited to men - men behave kind of hmmm how do I put this correctly ... well I think you know what I mean! But all in all it was an experience I was glad to be a part of! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

Please enjoy my photos!

Fall is here - the hot weather seems to be gone - I'm thrilled.


Jane M - I'm 1 of 2 women at this tailgating party - not wearing NY JET green, but I wear my Green Adiddas sneaks, my Green purse, and my Green windbreaker if that counts for anything?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What were you doing at 3:30am?

Why do I ask? BECAUSE I WAS UP AND OUT THE DOOR WALKING MY BEST DOG GORDON OLIVER CAHN! I've been going ON and ON about Gordie's new dog bed. Well apparently last night, since it finally cooled off in NJ, we had our attic fan going. I need to be COLD at night to sleep. Well at least to try and sleep. At about 3:00am I heard Gordie starting to cry and whimper. I got up and went to him to try and pet him to calm him down and felt what seemed like a HURRICANE of cool, dry New Jersey air blowing right on him! I climbed back into bed and at 3:30 just decided it was time to get up and take him for a walk. He was so happy to be outside DOING HIS BUSINESS! I also discovered that we do not keep our outdoor lights on long enough and our house, as well as the house up the hill, were as dark as caves. Note to self, make the timer for the lights to last until 4:00am or longer - to be SAFE!

Here is my Kindle which I'm so in love with, next to my bed. I am saying BYE BYE to the LOUSY TV schedule and hello books! I'm in the middle of Anthony Bourdain's newest book - he's a bit too full of himself, but I am learning some good stuff.

Next up a novel on Paris - with RECIPES! WOOT WOOT! Or maybe it's non fiction - I can't quite remember as I get so many samples of books on my Kindle I'm confused now! Did you know you can have the Kindle on your laptop computer as well? I can read away the days and my boss will never know! Only not really as we are busy shipping out our drop dead gorgeous ties!

BUY MORE TIES - please! Thank you!

Jane M
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