Monday, August 30, 2010

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

After 14+ years of letting our BEST DOG EVER, Gordon Oliver Cahn, sleep with us - we decided it was time for Gordie to get his own beddie. All those Martha Stewart PETSMART advertisements really got to me!

We put Gordie in the car with us so he could choose his own beddie. Like when we took Emily shopping for her new bed!

Gary chose this plush, velvet, burgandy in color, dog bed!

Here are the photos!

Fall is coming - I keep saying this as we're going thru yet another heat wave! BUY SOME MORE TIES PLEASE!

Jane M

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall is quickly approaching

and in honor of the coming season I have baked up my first apple pie for 2010!

Russ and his friend were looking for a fun activity yesterday. Russ finished up his camp counselor job and his EMT classes and so he had a FREE day yesterday! I suggested apple picking and that they did! They had so much fun picking apples as well as petting the sheep on the farm. After a long day of Gary and I enjoying our weekend, I decided to bake up this pie. Russ had the 1st slice this morning - I've not tasted it yet but it sure looks good!

Our Emily was home for the week and now back in DC soon to start her SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE! We all can't get over how quickly this time has gone - and want her to enjoy her last year before the real world starts! Emily had a terrific summer writing for the Houston Chronicle and is now gearing up for her Editor position at the college newspaper.

Russ doesn't go back to his University until after Labor Day. We are starting to think about packing up his stuff as well. Then Gary and I will be empty nesters once again.

Jane M

Friday, August 13, 2010

A post about some of my likes and dislikes

I'm writing to you after our journey home from the Chicago Collective - and I thought I'd blog about my likes and dislikes. I can't be completely negative now CAN I? Just kidding!

1. I dislike getting to the airport (Chicago O'Hare) at the crack of dawn and because the lack of passengers for an Airbus having the 6:00am flight cancelled! BOO!

2. I dislike stand by. Can you tell we didn't get on the 7:00am flight?

3. I like that I cart around 2 sets of headphones in my pocketbook (that's purse in NJ).

4. I dislike crying babies on flights that are 1.5 hours LONGER because said airline (UNITED) cancelled the 6:00am flight and bad weather came in to the Midwest corridor which made us sit on the tarmac for 1 hour. Our flight had to wait for only 20 planes ahead of us to fly up through Canada and down to avoid bad weather.

5. I dislike turbulence of which we had NONE because of the Canadian route we took! WOOT WOOT - United pilots ROCK!

6. I like the restaurants we went to in Chicago. We never get a bad meal when we come to show our ties at the Chicago Collective in the Mens Merchandise Mart.

7. I like Bruce Schedler because he loved our Private Stock booth (#3019) because it takes 2 hours to put up and 2 hours to take down!

8. I like going to Trade Shows so that I can meet our wonderful customers and put a face with the voice on the phone.

9. I like going to Trade Shows to kibitz with our wonderful sales force and show them how to sell the new line of neckwear of PRIVATE STOCK!

10. I like Nordstrom's in Chicago on Michigan Avenue because it's so much bigger than "MY" Nordstrom in NJ. I enjoy shopping there!

So all-in-all I think this blog post is more POSITIVE than NEGATIVE! I can't wait to ship out all the orders you placed with me and Gary. Look for your biscotti in your shipments! Good lord I have a ton of baking to do!

Here's to a great Fall selling season FOR ALL!

Jane M
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