Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wanna Take a PEEK inside my fridge?

I just went to the market the day before snapping these photos. I like to pride myself on my healthy food filled fridge. Anything in there you've never seen before? Give me a comment and tell me what's inside your refrigerators! I am so curious! I also baked up a whole wheat bread for our dinner. It tasted GREAT! Just GREAT!

Time to do the TIES! Buy more PLEASE!
Jane M

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So I'm QUILTING again!

Yes indeedy. I've finished 8 blocks 41 more to go! WOOT WOOT! AAAAH the hum of my Bernina sewing machine is so great. I told you about Russell walking by my machine and schticking me about how much use it gets (none) and so I decided to SHOW HIM!

Gary and I already designed the 1st half of our FALL 2010 tie line! Today we put to bed the pocket squares - lots coming! Now we are waiting for the balance of the big blankets to come to make more designs. I've begun printing up all the labels/numbers for the swatch cards. I want to be prepared so that we can break our line EARLY!

On another note, we've a lot of inventory so please call us and we'll get your orders out that day! I also restocked my pantry and will be baking up biscotti to fill all the orders! Next season I'm going to keep a tally of exactly how many batches I bake! I'm always so curious to know.

Tomorrow is another Monday - so CALL ME FOR TIES!

Jane M

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time to edge the grass

So we fired our lawn mower guy. After 2 years of over charging us, we finally waved the white flag. We had enough. We were being charged all the months he did not mow our lawn! Did you ever???? You see, we've been living here for nearly 18 years and we have never had such a nice lawn until Sam B came and fixed the front yard and then proceeded to take us over the coals. Gary had enough! Me too, only I do like the look of a nice green lawn. So since we fired the thief we are left to care for our yard. We took yet ANOTHER trip to the Home Depot and found this edger. Looks scary - right? But honestly, once I got the hang of this gadget, I think the edges of our lawn look pretty darn great. We think we won't have to use this edger every week - but we shall see.

Green, by the way, is my FAVORITE color!

Time to get in front of the TV to watch the final round of the Masters. Now that's a nice a lawn if I ever saw 1!


Jane M

Monday, April 5, 2010

Haven't POSTED in a while

spring has sprung here in NJ. We had 8 yards of mulch dumped on our driveway over the weekend. Yesterday Russell came home since my boys are headed RIGHT NOW to CitiField for OPENING DAY! Anyway, Russ came home and helped us to spread the mulch in all our flower beds. What a job! It took over 6 hours of HARD WORK! I have to go and take pictures of the final results but my boys have the camera for the day. Gordie helped ALL DAY LONG - he just loves to garden that dog! He was totally brown from rolling in dirt and biting all the grass - that's his way of helping! He got a much needed bath after a long exhausting day outside.

I have finished my FIFTH book already on my KINDLE. I've had my Kindle for 34 days! I've got my next book all lined up and ready to order.

Here are some spring photos.

Jane M
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