Saturday, January 30, 2010


Gary and I have set up our booth in Chicago and are hanging in the lobby of our hotel with our feet up. The weather in Chicago - cold but NO SNOW! WOOT WOOT! We decided to fly in a day early in case there was snow forecasted so that we could get in and set up our booth and be ready for the show start Sunday Morning 8am!

Our salesmen are here - our booth is all decorated and now we are waiting for dinner - yep just another meal! The food here is so good. Last night we ate at Rick Bayless's place just down the street from where we are staying. The place was MOBBED so we ate at the bar. What a great meal we had!

Enjoy the photos of Chicago and our booth - and if you are coming to town come and see us! We're in booth 3017!

Jane and Gary - PS - We got that same double shower head going on in our bathroom again. Is it ever SWEET!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes all I want is a

good hair day! And now I think I can have a good hair day EVERY DAY! I've been eyeing this Professional hair dryer for MONTHS. Really - no joke. I get emails daily from a website called Welp last week they offered me, Jane Cahn, such a sweet deal that I pounced right on it! Well at least with a flick of my computer mouse. The very next day my favorite UPS driver brought me my new Elchim 2001 Professional hair dryer.

I'm so happy now!

AAAH it's the little things in life. Right?

Happy Monday - well it's almost over - now onto the gym - then dinner then baking - then maybe a little TV watching - just a typical evening for me.

Jane M

Friday, January 22, 2010

We're back into our routine

Well sort of! You know how those Trade Shows go - but we're back and we're organizing and we're shipping and making orders for all the ties you bought!

Here are a few more photos I took during the 3 days.

A week from today we're off to Chicago. I've never been to that city in the winter. I'll be sporting my UGGS this I know!

So happy weekend - if you made at once orders be on the look out - and keeps those orders coming!

Jane M

Thursday, January 21, 2010


To our booth at MRket! We had a very successful show thanks to ALL OF YOU! I even handed out EVERY SINGLE BAG OF BISCOTTI I BAKED! ALL 20 POUNDS! Holy cow - that's a lot of calories! Gary and I are so happy we made the move to MRket and we hope it helped you out too.

A little scoop - we had a customer come at 4:50pm! We worked the LINE! We were 1 of the 1st booths set up so the folks at MRket took away our empty boxes to store right away. BAD MOVE BEING FIRST- WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO SAY NEXT? YES INDEEDY we were the LAST BOOTH to receive our boxes to pack up! At least we live only 18 miles away and did not have to catch a plane because we walked out of the Javits at 7:45pm. Gary did however take me and our BEST HELPER, RUSSELL, out for a yummy steak meal.

Can't pontificate now since my boss is on me to get baking and shipping!

Here are some photos from the 3 days.

See you in Chicago next week - if you missed seeing us in NYC!

Jane M PS - our salesman FLOYD NATHAN - at the very end of the show taught me how to hang the pocket squares off our new pocket square rack. Was such a simple fix and at least now I know how to make the display look pretty for Chicago!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's that Girl Scout MOTTO?

BE PREPARED! And Gary and I obsess about being prepared for the Trade Shows. We want to know we have all our stuff - that the trimmer will be there ON TIME and that the move in day will go smoothly. Today was no different but for ONE THING. GARY AND I ARE SHOWING OUR PRIVATE STOCK TIES AT THE JAVITS AT THE MRKET SHOW! Our booth came together great - we have a great spot and we will be there BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow waiting to show you our new line of ties! It's a beauty as I've been telling you - and we can't wait to show you the line!

So come 1 come all to the Javits, Booth 560 PRIVATE STOCK NECKWEAR!

Jane M

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How could I leave these at the store today?

Today while doing my WEGMANS shop - I walked down the isle and look what I found?! Aren't these the cutest bottle keepers EVER? My boys LOVE THEM! I only hope their team prevails on Sunday. Sunday will be a busy day for the Cahn's. We leave early in the morning to set up our booth at the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan. We are almost PACKED UP right now! Can never be too early. We just want everything in order so that we can feel relaxed for the game and then of course for the start of the show.

On that note, I must make a list for last minute items and of course start the BIG BAKE of biscotti!

Happy Wednesday!

Jane M

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And then I tried my hand at this wonderful din-night!

I baked a CHICKEN POT PIE - YES INDEEDY I DID. And E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G was made from scratch! Even the dough and chicken stock! My Mom and my daughter told me to try making this pie as they both have baked them before and loved them! WE DID TOO!

The ties are coming tomorrow! Oh give me strength! I touch every tie - yep, I put them in the boxes by style and take out ties to take to the show and to photograph. I have not picked a favorite yet this season - and you want to know WHY? BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY THAT I LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I hope you all do too and buy MANY MANY ties!

I also have to get to baking up the biscotti for the show! WHERE WILL I FIND THE TIME????????

Wish I was in Mexico with my sis - she's at Club Med on a FOOD BLOGGING vacation - she's learning many things - like how to GOOD food photographs, food styling, food writing - but I'M HERE IN THE COLD DOING THE TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this week is a good 1! Call me - check up on me, make sure I haven't collapsed with all the work I have ahead of me!

Jane M

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some things I already LIKE about 2010

1. I finished the swatch cards for the SPRING 2010 line! 3 lines are out to stores and we received our FIRST ORDER TONIGHT! WOOT WOOT!
2. The kids enjoyed their winter break - Emily is going back to D.C. on Saturday with a summer internship lined up. Russell is home for another 2 weeks and he can really help us at the MR show on January 18th at the Javits. Russell will be the handsome, well dressed 18 year old - he'll be modeling our Skinny ties or as we like to call them PRIVATE SLIM.
3. Gordie is back on the mend after being treated at the VET -although I still have to go back 3 MORE TIMES! AAAAAAAAAAAH!
4. I got Gary to purge today - he wasn't happy about it - called me TOO INTENSE JANE -but listen, the garbage men were coming and why not schlep the stuff to the curb and get it taken away once and for all!
5. Had my hair cut and colored so I look fresh and ready to do some business with you all! Nothing like having my hair styled and blown out oh so straight. Now I just wish my stylist could live here and do my hair daily! Wouldn't that be heavenly?
6. Have made NO RESOLUTIONS this year. Hmmm can this mean I'M PERFECT? KIDDING! JUST KIDDING!

Hope you are all having a prosperous 2010 and I look forward to seeing you all either in NYC or in Chicago!

Jane M

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To the VET

again with Gordie - poor guy - he has backside issues again. Emily, my partner in crime, came with me this morning. We had to see a different VET as ours is on vacation - lucky him! Emily and I bring Gordie into the room and this Vet is going on and on about this vaccination and that test, and his teeth need cleaning, and heart worm pills and he didn't even EXAMINE his behind which is why we were there in the first place! I keep eyeing Emily and she cannot contain herself and screams out - WHAT IS ALL THIS COSTING! I had to laugh because I was only THINKING about the cost but was trying at all costs just to let it go. We're in this icky examining room, and finally he's prodding and poking Gordie before I screamed help that I needed to did STAT. I was getting nauseaus holding Gordie and with the heat of the office and the exam the Vet was doing on Gordie and then of course thinking of the $$$$ it was all costing - well they brought in 2 helpers! Actually Gordie was an excellent patient -but he wanted no part of anyone touching him back there!

Finally the doctor wrote up all his paper work - no computers in this place - well except for the paying part - we got the prescription of an antibiotic- a card to come BACK 3 MORE TIMES- oh god how am I going to do it all - and the bill which wasn't so bad AFTER ALL!

Gordie is passed out after his morning - and I'm here thinking about what to make for dinner since it's getting to be that time!

Less than 2 weeks until our the MR SHOW! I finished the line - it's a DANDY!

Jane M --> and PS -- Gordie GAINED 2 pounds this year - looks like he'll be making a New Year's resolution - too bad he can't come to the gym with me. I think he might enjoy the Tread Mill.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have not made a New Year's resolution this year. I'm a little annoyed at myself. I thinking thinking and I can't think of anything good. I'm even on the fence about how many times to go to the gym without KILLING myself in 2010! You see for the going to the gym I planted the number 182 times in my head on December 27, 2008 and on December 31st 2009 I hit 189 times to the gym! WOOT WOOT!

I have the radio on when I'm driving and the DJ's are going on and on about resolutions and how going to the gym, eating healthier, quitting smoking - well NO ONE WANTS TO DO THAT ANY MORE. So does ANYONE have any original resolutions they might like to pass onto me - just for hints. I won't steal your idea - ha ha ha!

OK time to walk my Gordie - we were all saying that we wish he could talk to us - even if it were only for 1 day. What would he say? What would his voice sound like?

Happy New Year WEEKEND!

Jane M

Friday, January 1, 2010


WOW a new year and a new decade. Where does the time go? It just flies by.

New Year's Eve was very very nice this year - spent it with Gary and Emily. Russ was off with the GF. We had a nice snack and Persecco and ate a dairy dinner later on. We topped off our meal with grilled pineapple and low fat vanilla ice cream! What a treat.

After eating, we went up to watch a movie called the HANGOVER. Not a chick flick and me and Em were kind of bored by it. Gary was laughing OUT LOUD. But it was fun and it was a good time killer up until we watched the ball drop. Sure looked cold outside and we were glad to be home and snuggled in our freshly painted room with the FATHEADS!

The clock struck 12 - and now we are looking forward to a fresh start and happy and healthy NEW YEAR!

Today I used my Jim Leahy break cookbook and made an AWESOME/FAN-DAMN-TASTICK pizza. BEST I'VE EVER MADE AT HOME.

Here are some photos of what we've been up to. Oh and I went to the gym 189 times in 2009 - how many should I try and go for 2010? 180?

Happy New Year!
Jane M
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