Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a difference a week makes

a week ago - we had just had our power restored. A week ago - it was freezing outside and I had to walk Gordie in my Uggs and winter coat. A week ago both my kids were home for their college breaks. A week ago we shipped out a massive amount of ties to all our stores from coast to coast. Well we're still shipping - and we have another big push to get the 1st of the Private Labels out the door - but last week was our first HUGE week of shipping for 2010. A week ago I was working on a different computer. A week ago I was cooking for 4 ... OK I'll stop with this whole shtick - FOR NOW.

I will close from an early evening Sunday and return tomorrow with more photos and STUFF that I've done - BESIDES SHIPPING OUT TIES!


Jane M

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