Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's that Girl Scout MOTTO?

BE PREPARED! And Gary and I obsess about being prepared for the Trade Shows. We want to know we have all our stuff - that the trimmer will be there ON TIME and that the move in day will go smoothly. Today was no different but for ONE THING. GARY AND I ARE SHOWING OUR PRIVATE STOCK TIES AT THE JAVITS AT THE MRKET SHOW! Our booth came together great - we have a great spot and we will be there BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow waiting to show you our new line of ties! It's a beauty as I've been telling you - and we can't wait to show you the line!

So come 1 come all to the Javits, Booth 560 PRIVATE STOCK NECKWEAR!

Jane M

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ozkaroscar said...

Great booth. Hope you have Good Luck at the show today.


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