Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes all I want is a

good hair day! And now I think I can have a good hair day EVERY DAY! I've been eyeing this Professional hair dryer for MONTHS. Really - no joke. I get emails daily from a website called Welp last week they offered me, Jane Cahn, such a sweet deal that I pounced right on it! Well at least with a flick of my computer mouse. The very next day my favorite UPS driver brought me my new Elchim 2001 Professional hair dryer.

I'm so happy now!

AAAH it's the little things in life. Right?

Happy Monday - well it's almost over - now onto the gym - then dinner then baking - then maybe a little TV watching - just a typical evening for me.

Jane M


Fran said...

That's cool that they shipped it overnight too! We need to see a photo of your hair now :)

Privatestock said...

I'll ask Gary to snap a photo of my smooth straight hair tomorrow. I just got back from the gym...

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