Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some things I already LIKE about 2010

1. I finished the swatch cards for the SPRING 2010 line! 3 lines are out to stores and we received our FIRST ORDER TONIGHT! WOOT WOOT!
2. The kids enjoyed their winter break - Emily is going back to D.C. on Saturday with a summer internship lined up. Russell is home for another 2 weeks and he can really help us at the MR show on January 18th at the Javits. Russell will be the handsome, well dressed 18 year old - he'll be modeling our Skinny ties or as we like to call them PRIVATE SLIM.
3. Gordie is back on the mend after being treated at the VET -although I still have to go back 3 MORE TIMES! AAAAAAAAAAAH!
4. I got Gary to purge today - he wasn't happy about it - called me TOO INTENSE JANE -but listen, the garbage men were coming and why not schlep the stuff to the curb and get it taken away once and for all!
5. Had my hair cut and colored so I look fresh and ready to do some business with you all! Nothing like having my hair styled and blown out oh so straight. Now I just wish my stylist could live here and do my hair daily! Wouldn't that be heavenly?
6. Have made NO RESOLUTIONS this year. Hmmm can this mean I'M PERFECT? KIDDING! JUST KIDDING!

Hope you are all having a prosperous 2010 and I look forward to seeing you all either in NYC or in Chicago!

Jane M

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