Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a quick post

Yesterday was Gary's birthday and a celebration at my parents house. Here are a few photos from the day. A good time was had by all and then we put the kids both back on the train to their respective colleges. WOW WE HAVE 2 KIDS IN COLLEGE! PLEASE BUY OUR DROP DEAD GORGEOUS TIES - WE HAVE SOME HEFTY TUITIONS TO PAY! No really - buy the ties, they are really great AND you will get a bag of biscotti in your order! Seriously!

Jane M

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Kids Came Home for the Weekend

Besides doing a bazillion loads of wash and making meal after meal - I spent time with Emily and Gary spent time with Russell. Gary and Russell went to the NY JET game today - starting off with a spectacular tailgating party - Emily and I went to the Liberty Science Center IMAX theater. We saw a movie called THE ALPS - all about these people climbing THE EIGER in Switzerland. What a gorgeous movie. The mountains, the green hills in Switzerland - aaah to travel -- some day when we don't have 2 kids in college! The Imax theater we were at is a dome - the screen comes around the viewers and it really felt like we were flying and climbing along with the folks in the movie.

Tomorrow we will go to my parents house to break our fast and then we must rush back and pack up the kids to put them on the train back to their colleges.

Of course I had to bake a lot more biscotti to fill all the orders. Wow can I multitask or WHAT?

Happy Sunday - what's left of it.

Jane M

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I can be sold anything if it looks nice

Take this bottle of Vodka. I have a hankering for pasta with Vodka sauce - but ran out of vodka. We only use vodka to cook with so buying an expensive bottle - $40+ seemed silly to me. I perused the vodka isle the other day and look at this cute item I found! And it's organic - what the heck is organic vodka anyway?

On another note, I must go out and snap photos of how the house with the huge copper beech tree looks sans tree! I am showing you pictures of our grass where our beech once stood. It has taken us since 1997 to flatten out, fill in, and grow GREEN grass in this spot where the tree once stood. Gary and I wonder what our neighbors will do with their empty spot where their tree once stood.

Feels like a nice cool crisp Fall day. Our kids are home for the weekend for the holiday. Gary and Russ have big plans tomorrow to tailgate and watch the JET game - Em and I have to think up something to do. We are going to try baking up soft pretzels but other than FOOD we need to fill our weekend.

Pictures to follow of our weekend.

Jane M

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flies through the air with the greatest of ease!

Our neighbors 2 doors down are having their sickly Copper Beech tree removed today. We rarely talk to these folks - back in 1996 4 of us neighbors went "in" on a snow blower and well these people HOG the darn thing and we've given up! Every winter we keep saying we are going to buy our own snow blower - and every winter we just shovel the snow ourselves because we can't wait our turn for this old cranky machine. Plus, NJ winters really haven't been so bad and our driveway isn't huge and so it goes. OK back to the neighbors. They are having their tree removed today. 12 years ago we had our sickly Copper Beech tree removed too! It took us 10 years for the grass to flatten out where the tree once stood and normal good grass to grow in its place. I wonder what these neighbors will do in their front yard. Many years ago (almost 100) when this neighborhood was established, 4 Copper Beech trees were planted all on our side of the street. 2 of the 4 are now gone - and down the street is another sickly tree and this past summer alone that tree lost 3 HUGE limbs off their tree.

Here are some photos when the men started the job. I must go and check and on their progress.

Jane M

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Gorgeous Fall Day

Last night we celebrated the New Year here at our house with a semi traditional meal. We started with roasted butternut squash and onion soup, I spun a chicken on my grill which turned out fabulous, I baked a noodle pudding and we had steamed green beans. YUM! So in honor of this New Year I THINK/HOPE am starting yet another resolution. As you recall, last December 27th I made a resolve to go to the gym more often - so far so good - details to follow in December. So now I have thought up another resolve for myself. Here is it, I AM GOING TO TRY AND NOT BE A "GLASS IS HALF EMPTY" PERSON AND SEE THE GOOD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BEFORE THE BAD! There, I said it, now who will hold me to this?

On another note, since sending BOTH our kids off to college this Fall, it's given me a lot more time to myself - or so I think - to think up nutty thoughts. It's not been easy for us seeing the kids go - and our son having a little bit of a hard time transitioning off on his own. In fact, he's killing us - he's driving us bananas! So I do this new thing in my head where I will be out and about in the world. I will see a Mom or a Dad with a little person - they can be 2 years old they can 5, it doesn't matter. I size them up in my mind and then I say to myself, Wow that kid is going to grow up and be a MAJOR pain in the neck to his parents! How do I know this? I DON'T! Why do I care so much? Because it's happening to me!

A Happy and Healthy to ALL! BUY SOME TIES! They are so great! I always love writing that - but it's true. Wouldn't you want a bag of biscotti in your shipment?


Jane M

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Chopped Salad

I was at the Mall yesterday as I had some FREE TIME - I'm pinching myself because when do I ever have FREE TIME?! I wondered into Crate and Barrel after having touched almost EVERY PRODUCT in William Sonoma but left with nothing. I saw this great product from OXO which I could not resist. It's a plastic bowl with a roller blade for chopping salads! You see I'm a fan of watching THE FATTEST LOSER on TV - I like to watch OTHERS lose weight - not really as I wish I'd drop a few lbs., but I do watch the show. Last night was the 1st episode of Season 8 - and so in honor of this occasion I chopped myself a salad for dinner. I don't know what it is about a chopped salad. It has all the ingredients I'd put into a regular salad only it's just BETTER.

Please enjoy the photos!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009

is our 23rd Wedding anniversary! WOW - where has the time gone? We have been through a whole heck of alot in our lives - I think a lot more than most. But I do not want to be so negative so only positive thoughts from here on out!

My parents gave us a wedding of a lifetime all those 23 years ago. Elegant, small and just do darn great! I can remember most all of the details even from all those years ago. The wedding was a very chic Manhattan affair and at the time my parents had a very lovely apartment in mid-town Manhattan where they hosted a brunch the next morning for all the out of town guests. The brunch was catered from none other than BARNEY GREENGRASS - the Sturgeon King! So today, in honor of our wedding anniversary, Gary and I drove into NY and had a really nice brunch. We both ordered the eggs with lox on the side, toasted bagels and coffee. Don't fall down on the floor like we almost did, but the bill came to $40 with tip! The place was full, but no lines out front. I can see why - who the heck can afford breakfast like that even ONCE a week? Crazy I tell you! Barney Greengrass is celebrating its hundredth year in business and let me tell you the inside of the place looks it!

We had a really fun morning and spent the time talking about our kids - so what else is new right?

We came home so my Gary could watch his beloved NJ JETS who won today! He was also flicking to the golf tourney, the NY MET game, and the tennis. I think I'm a bit dizzy right now!

OK it's HBO night here so I must close and get ready to plop in front of the TV now.

Jane M PS On a slightly nuttie note, you don't think my new hair do looks like Kate Gosselin do you? If so, I might have to shave off all my hair. Those 2 "parents" annoy me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've written about this before

But I just have to repeat myself. I like to be in control of things - or at least know what's going to happen. YES I DO! Here are some things I do that help me cope.

1. I like a window seat in the airplane to help the pilot see planes that are maybe flying a little too close for comfort, or if a "bad" looking cloud is coming up, or if I see lightening. See - that is helpful - I am in control.

2. I would like to tell my son's University to tell this non-existent roommate who has mental issues to give the empty bed to a more deserving person - or better yet, SOMEONE WHO WILL SLEEP IN THE BED! Problem resolved - NOT YET!

3. I like now having dinner whenever the heck we feel like it now that the kids are away at school! We can eat a later lunch which turns into a later dinner and it's just more FREEING for me!

4. I like growing my own veggies - if only I could be a normal farmer and plant my tomatoes in the ground and not up in planters on my deck. I can make my lunch - oh this delish BLT was to DIE FOR! It really really was!

5. I like to pick TIE orders and stick my double chocolate walnut biscotti inside to make my customers happy. THAT I DO!

And so I will close for now. Oh I have to tell you this, I went to the gym last night in my sneakers this time! I had the where-with-all to leave my cloppers at home!

BUY SOME TIES! Keep me busy in the kitchen and in the tie department. I'm good at it, it's what I live to do!

Jane M

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm not adjusting very well

I think maybe I speak to Russell tooooo much during the day. Between texting, Im'ing, Twittering, Facebook - and the OLD FASHIONED CELL PHONE SPEAKING - well I think I have to stop. I spoke to Russ about an hour ago and he sounds a little unhappy. He most probably is tired and well he is adjusting to this new campus life as well. Tomorrow school starts - yep classes begin. Today Russell went to the baseball meeting and there are 6 guys trying out for the team. ANOTHER CATCHER IS TRYING OUT! Of all positions - but I'm not going to let it get me down. Nope, I'm going to transition too. Gary and I want the best for our kids - WHO DOESN'T - THIS I KNOW - and well I want to fix this roommate fiasco RIGHT NOW! I've had it.

All righty then, today was the first day back after the mini break -- so all you out there CALL ME FOR TIES! Make orders online! DON'T BE SHY! I need the diversion don't you know! Hard work never hurt anyone - especially me.

On a side note, you know what happened to me at the gym today? I was all dressed in my shorts and T shirt - when I went through the gym check points with my ID card, I looked down at my feet. Yep, you got it - I was wearing my cloppers! I forgot to put on my sneaks! I was still able to do that crazy bike Gary and I ride on -- did my 6+ miles in my 30 minutes and my feeties were fine.

All righty then - time to put my feet up and try and relax. I WORRY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH, but then again I've been a worryer my whole ENTIRE life! Just ask anyone in my family.

Jane M --> I'm going to watch TV with my buddy now

Monday, September 7, 2009

We dropped Russell at college yesterday

And all went very smoothly. The University really did a marvelous job for all the incoming Freshman Class! We never even had to carry a thing up the 3 flights of stairs as the University had the upperclassmen volunteering! We were set up fairly quickly and then we went out to the big picnic lunch that was set up.

The only hiccup, which is fairly major, is that Russell is saddled with a disturbed kid for a roommate. We have been on the phone, emailing and texting the University to get this kid out of the room to no avail. We are told we have to wait 2 weeks until all gets shaken out. I hope hope hope this can be sooner as Russell is very upset over the situation. I'm trying to turn this into a positive - this whole roommate thing has made Russell get up and out and making new friends! This is most important to get friends and a campus life to start to enjoy the campus life. And so it goes. Why did this horror of a kid have to be put in Russell's room? I know he's not the 1st kid to have to deal with this - but this kid is a major problem this we know! I can't go into the situation in detail, but Gary and I are very unhappy about how things worked out. But we are handling the problem as best we can.

I am feeling a little sad today. I know Russell will be fine and actually by tonight he sounded oh so much better on the phone. He was very worried about going off to college all on his own. He needs to get more confidence as he's a great outgoing person - just a little unsure of himself at times.

The University gave a wonderful video presentation to the families and kids to try and put us all at ease. When the video was over all us Cahn's were weeping! Oh we were a blubbering mess.

So today was our first day home alone. Of course we ran to the stores TWICE to fill into items that we forgot to pack for Russell. How about a rain jacket - we looked at the forecast and saw rain and thought good lord he has nothing to wear to keep dry! We needed a waste basket, desk lamp, push pins and a few other items. Tomorrow I will be UPS'ing the stuff down to Russ.

I hope his roommate situation is resolved very soon so that Russ may get on with his college life. His classes begin on Wednesday. Today he went on 2 field trips with the university and he really sounded like him old self. He went to a shopping mall and then onto mini golf. He had spoken to a housing director and called us from the noisy bus to keep us informed of the housing situation. Personally the Univeristy should move this weirdo kid to his own room because he truly is a problem and needs to be on his own. Then Russ can stay on his floor in his dorm and resume his life. But I have no say in how this all will go down - I'm just thinking LOGICALLY that's all!

I will keep you posted - in the meantime you need to keep me busy - so order ties or call me just to talk! We're empty nesters now so we need you now more and more!


Jane M

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wish I could sleep this well

Gordie, our BEST BEST dog, has his routine. It's crazy. But after dinner, I usually go to the JCC with my husband to work out and work off my stress. I come home and I like to watch a little TV and then go to bed. Gordie loves for me to watch TV as he just loves the couch to get in his first snooze of the evening. Look how tired he was last night! Gordie also loves this cooler weather we've been having at night and can really get into a deep sleep.

I'm dreaming of sleeping this deep tonight!


Jane M

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A blank spot on our message board

We have had a school calendar hanging in our kitchen since Emily started in the public schools in September of 1994. Today, we have no more school district calendar. We have moved on as they say. Yep after 15 years we must go out and buy our own calendar and make our own life with the kids moving onto the next chapter. I have to say I'm excited NOT to be in the public schools any longer. I can't really say why I feel that way - but I just do.

Now I have to get over dropping Russell off at college on Sunday morning. He is the last kid around town since EVERYONE else has left. Gary and I are so jittery - wondering hoping PRAYING he makes a new life at school. We don't know what Russell is thinking as he has not said much this entire summer. All this WAITING WAITING WAITING is not doing anyone in the Cahn household good.

Today I visited our Farmer's Market in town for the first time this summer. The prices are very much higher than where I normally shop, but I felt as though I needed to shop there this afternoon. I was inspired to make these yummy stuffed zucchini's which I purchased. Gary and I loved them. Then I just had to bake a peach crisp - the peaches looked amazing.

The last big hurrah for the summer - Labor Day Weekend is coming up. Hope everyone has a happy 1. Me, well we will be schlepping and helping Russell settle into his new dorm room. I'm sure I'll get teared up, but I don't want to make Russell nuts so I will hold it in as best I can.

Order some ties! They look so great this season! Hey, in your order you will receive my home baked biscotti. How bad can that be?


Jane M
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