Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's almost September AGAIN!

I really love the month of September. We look forward to Gary's birthday and our wedding anniversary. This year, we will have 2 kids in college and that too is a momentous occasion.

Today my boys are at the Barclays Golf tourney probably following Tiger Woods. No cell phones, cameras, no nothing so I have no communication with them. I'm sure they are having fun. I am watching on TV trying to look for Gary and Russ and I think I might have seen them! I can't wait to hear all about it.

So a week from today we drop off Russell at school. I am making clam chowder tonight upon Russell's request for dinner when they walk through the door. I went to the store to buy the clams, the only ingredient I did not have on hand. The fish monger opened all 12 clams and put them in a Tupperware for me. This task took over 30 minutes and it looked next to impossible if I had to do it! Well worth the $4 and change it cost me! The soup is simmering, the pie is cooling and later on tonight we will enjoy a light dinner.

Oh and we think we probably harvested over 70 tomatoes off our 2 plants this summer! I can't wait for next summer to grow so more veggies.



Jane M

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zucchini Lemon Cookies

Yep, I tried these strange cookies - they taste pretty good only they look nothing like MARTHA STEWART'S picture! I don't think I've ever baked a cookie before that has no eggs in the recipe. I guess the moisture from the zucchini does the job.

Anyway, I'll keep shipping the biscotti in the orders - have no fear - JUST MAKE THE ORDERS!

Jane M

Please Keep Me Busy!

In a little over a week we will be taking our son to college. And YES we will be EMPTY NESTERS - at least for a few months! We've slowly been purging Russell's room of unwanted papers and junk! I think we have that part pretty much wrapped up, and now it is time to look over his clothes and start that purge. Then we will start the job of packing his things for the car ride down to school. Our Russell has always been a kind of home boy - meaning he likes being home and in his familiar surroundings. Now it's time for him to move on - spread his wings - and ENJOY HIMSELF! Gary and I have been preaching to him all summer long to just let his guard down a bit and meet new kids and just take in all that college is and most of all HAVE HIMSELF SOME FUN - as well as learn - of course that also!

I am writing you all now asking you to keep me busy through the Fall season, and buy our ties either online or with 1 of our 10 salesmen! With our Emily gone a full week I see how much LESS laundry there is - and then once Russell is away well I bet I don't have to do wash but a few times a week! Don't even ask how many loads a DAY I do! I really can't start baking up a storm to fill my idle time as it's horrible on my waistline as Gary doesn't eat it at all. So like I asked, PLEASE MAKE ORDERS AND BUY OUR TIES SO I CAN GET BUSY SHIPPING THE ORDERS!

I know someone who will be all over me loving the attention - it's our Gordie.

Happy Thursday and week before Labor Day.


Jane M

Monday, August 24, 2009

Planting A Nasturtium Garden is Easy

I love to look at nasturtium flowers and leaves. Did you know when it rains, the droplets just run off the leaves of the plant? Or if you eat a nasturtium flower they taste like pepper? Nasturtium can grow ANYWHERE in my garden. Stick in a seed and in less than 2 weeks the plant comes to life! I was thinking that next summer I might just plant nasturtium in all my planters, window boxes and gardens - but who knows. I do love how the petunia plants are looking.

The summer is slowly winding up for 2009. It's time to start thinking about Fall and Fall colors and warmer clothes and of course PRIVATE STOCK NECKWEAR! Give us a call or make an order online!

Jane M

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Deck Garden Was

a raging success! Yep, we can garden up and away from the deer and other varmints who eat our flowers and veggies! Now I'm thinking, maybe we should clear the entire deck of the furniture and just plant all different kinds of veggies! Probably not the right thing to do - but a girl can dream. I'd like plant cucumbers, only they grow on vines and I don't know how that would work growing from a container. I could plant peppers - they grow pretty much like a shrub. There are so many possibilities! So for now I have to be very happy with the tomato crop of ours.

Today I am going to make a tart with the tomatoes. Pictures to follow after I assemble and hopefully before I glom them all down.

It's still hot and sticky here in New Jersey. The phone calls from Emily have all been good. She is anxious to get her classes/routine going but she still has another week to go. Russell has 2 weeks until the big shove off to his new college life. AAAAAAAAAH the unknown - it's driving me a little bit insane at this point! Will Russell like the school he chose - will he make friends - will he like his classes - will he will he will he -- I don't know what will he - I'VE JUST GO TO RELAX ALREADY!

Buy some ties - please - pocket squares too!

Jane M PS Those tarts were really yummy! Even better that the tomatoes on top were from my deck garden!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A quick post

Gary's sister is up from Florida visiting her childhood friend in Connecticut for the week. Andrea stopped by our house today for a quick visit and lunch. We had BLT's with my homegrown tomatoes - was so very tasty indeedy.

That's all I wanted to post today.

Jane M

PS I spoke to Emily a few times today and all is well. You know how I know this? The last phone call she cut me off real quickly and now I'm feeling better. Now what about sending off Russell on the 6th? I'll keep you posted!

1 Down 1 To Go

Gary and I took our daughter back to college -- back to DC -- back to her routine, her friends, and her to a new dorm. We weren't sure with all of Emily's STUFF that we could fit Gary into the car. But we managed and off we went! I did all the driving by the way, so that Gary could conduct business in the car with his CRACKBERRY!

We made it to VA where we stayed overnight with my sister on Tuesday afternoon. After a long trip we had a nice dinner out and watched some TV and crashed into bed knowing we would have a busy Wednesday moving into the dorm.

Woke up VERY EARLY Wednesday morning - all of us anxious to get the job done. Had breakfast, filled the car with gas and off to DC we headed. Found a parking spot RIGHT OUTSIDE HER DORM! Imagine? Listen, city school move-in/outs are very very stressful. At most, I get to pull over, drop all of Emily's worldly positions on the curb and off to a parking garage with the car. We also borrowed a mail cart/dolly to help schlep the stuff up to her room. I have to say we were all a bit concerned after the dorm room door was opened, lock broken and into a shabby looking apartment. After last year's dorm (Ivory Tower) this residence was old and nasty looking. We all took a deep breath, started rearranging furniture, I made the bed - always a good start for me, and Gary and Emily started raiding other dorm rooms with the "better" furniture. Slowly the room started looking better and we left Emily to unpack at her leisure and to get settled.

So my best girl is back at school for her Junior Year ... next up is Russell. I have not started to get his stuff gathered, but we have 2 weeks to get organized. I hope his move-in goes smoothly and the he will get settled and into his new routine as well.

Time to get to work.

Jane M

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Send OFF

Today we will pack up our car and head on down to DC for the 3rd year/Junior year for our daughter Emily. Another summer finished and another school year to look forward to. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I say this after every summer - yes I do. Emily is moving back to school earlier than most because she is an Editor of the school newspaper which is called The Hatchet. The kids are meeting early to map out the year and off for a mini vacation before the year starts. Getting to move into school early is what we call a MITZVAH! I can't tell you how stressful it is to move into college in a city. It is not leisurely - it's find a spot, any spot, pull over, open the trunk and throw the stuff to the curb. Next, we have to find a cart of some sort to get the stuff to the elevator and up to the room. Being able to do this task on a NOT OFFICIAL move-in day is heavenly. Also we hope that DC will be quiet due to EVERYONE ELSE on vacation. We'll see. What I do know is that it is hot as Haiti's in DC and we will be sweating! NO DOUBT.

Today we are driving right to my sister's place (18 miles from DC) where we will have dinner, sleep, and wake up for tomorrow when Emily is allowed to pick up her dorm room keys and move in. Wish I could spend a few days with my sister, but we both have work and I must get back here to do it all over again with our son Russell who is off to college on September 6th!

Does that mean me and Gary will be empty nesters? PINCH ME NOW!

OK time to get loading.

Oh that photo above - that potato is called a Hassleback Potato. Quite easy to prepare and so very tasty. The fam wants me to put this in my repertoire which I will gladly do!

Jane M

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Dad

Today we celebrated my Dad's 80th. WOW 80 years young! My Dad grilled and my Mom made the rest of this delicious YUMMY meal! A good time was had by all! We bought my Dad a digital picture frame. Have you ever seen 1 of these gadgets - they are very very cool!

I don't have much else to report - just that I'm HOT all the time and I'm going to say this, "I'm a little sick of summer". There I got it off my chest.

Tomorrow is Sunday. No plans - but I'm sure my day will be FILLED with something from morning until night.

Jane M

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who knew this

Milorganite organic fertilizer would be my best friend this summer? I shouldn't go into graphic details, but I want to thank all the kind folks of Milwaukee for this product! THE DEER DID NOT RAVAGE MY GARDEN! I was able to grow Black Eye Susans and nasturtium - next year I'll get adventurous again and plant my award winning Sunflowers!

All my tomatoes are ripening - today's lunch BLT'S for all! Oh how I love a good BLT - don't you?

4 Days until Emily shoves off back to DC. Then a little over 2 weeks later it will be Russell's turn.

Right now the kids are baking with my gorgeous KA 90th anniversary mixer. I must go and oversee what is going on and start bossing them around! I never get to boss anyone around except for when I'm in the kitchen. Otherwise I have to take orders from everyone in this house!

Time to fry up the bacon ... my mouth is WATERING!

Jane M

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


from Chicago! What a town - what a Trade Show! We loved it! We love Chicago and the friendly hospitality of the mid-westerners.

Gary and I got off to a rocky start as we were the 1st flight out of Newark NJ early Saturday morning only to circle as long as the entire plane ride to Chicago! But we made it safe and sound and in time to set up our Private Stock booth.

After getting up at 4:00am after doing the Great Schlep, we dragged our stuff to the Amalfi Hotel and then headed off to the Happy Hour at Kinzey's Steak House directly across from the Merchandise Mart. We sat at the bar and drank and had the bar food - we yearned for this meal an ENTIRE year we liked it THAT MUCH!

The next morning we arose bright and early to get ready for day 1 of the Chicago Collective. The Amalfi puts out a nice Continental breakfast spread on each floor. We showered and dressed and ate our breakfast in the room. When we went out to the elevator to leave for the show, this woman, or rather 20 something came out to get her breakfast complete in the Amalfi Terri bathrobe in yellow, matching towel wrapped around her head and slippers! We nearly peed in our pants seeing this site. Come on now - THIS WAS FUNNY! She is helping herself to breakfast when she looks up at Gary and myself and says to us, "Wow you are dressed up - are you going to a wedding?" We said no we were going to work - to a Men's Trade Show and we were on our way!

Another little tidbit - we think it might be a Chicago phenomenon. In our spacious hotel bathroom, were not 1 but 2 showerheads in our shower! All we can say is WOW! I'm not sure this is environmently good/green - but showering under 2 shower heads is something we should all experience at least once in our lifetime! Needless to say, I had to wash my hair daily because trying to duck from all that water spraying out of 2 showerheads was not going feasible.

We want to thank everyone for coming by our booth, making orders, and meeting us. I'm only sorry I didn't bake enough biscotti to hand out to everyone. Honestly, I thought the TSA might confiscate my baked goods before allowing me to board the plane and I really didn't want to feed them.

A good time was had by all and we were told by Bruce, the show director, that the next show will start on January 31st. See you all there - and I'll bring twice as many biscotti if you bring the orders!


Jane M

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's such a nice summer evening and...

our windows and attic fan are painted SHUT! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I just now tried opening our bedroom window. I wish I was Hercules because then maybe I would be able to open the window. I don't want to drag Gary down and ask for help and of course Russ is out with the GF. Oh the life.

So Emily and I decided to light the citronella candle and count the matches in the big box the match sticks came in! Isn't that a thrilling evening? Emily can't wait to get back to school and all her friends and the school newspaper that she works on. I feel for her. She has NO FRIENDS here at all in New Jersey. N-O-N-E. This summer she worked at the pool I showed you photos of recently. Her job was NOT AT ALL taxing and quite frankly for all her complaining, well it really wasn't that terrible. Plus she made waaaaaaaaaaaaay more money this year and worked exactly 1/2 the time! All-in-All not a bad thing. Her goal was to earn enough money to fly to London over Thanksgiving Break to visit her friends who will be studying abroad. Emily earned the plane ticket and so much more!

I've been busy shipping out tie orders - and surprise surprise - all the ties are up on our website -- FINALLY! Did you also check out our new line of pocket squares? Oh they are beautiful. BUY THEM! YOU WILL SURELY SELL OUT OF THEM LICKITY SPLIT - this I know. All our salesmen are ready and willing to show you our line. There's Andy and Jane Mayer, Gary Holden, Gary Williams, Gary Hoag, Floyd Nathan, Richard Mock, Howard Goldman, Bob Witherell, Bob Moody, and of course GARY CAHN! Call any one of them and they will gladly show you our fine line of ties. Or come to Chicago - we'll be there at booth 3020 this weekend.

Time to read my trashy summer novel. It's a real humdinger. I have to say, after I finish this book, it's going RIGHT IN THE BLUE TOTER! It's not worth passing around to anyone!

Jane M
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