Monday, June 29, 2009


LOOK what I got! LOOK what Gary bought for me! Do I have the best husband or what? I am now the proud owner of KitchenAid's 90th Anniversary Special Edition mixer! OH LORDY I'M 1 LUCKY LADY INDEEDY! This mixer has the very practical STIR function which I did not have on my last mixer as well as a huge deep glass mixing bowl. Is this fantabulous or WHAT?! What about the color - fire engine red. OH THIS MIXER MAKES ME SMILE WITH DELIGHT! And what great timing as in 3 short weeks I'll be baking up my famous biscotti for the 1st Trade Show in NYC.

Of course I just HAD to try out this shiny red appliance and what did I choose to bake? Yep, chocolate chip cookies of course! A family favorite.

The salesman's sample lines went out today! Gary and I set a goal and we met it - we wanted our tie line to be out the door before July began!

Call us for ties!

Oh and also pictured is my new iced tea maker. It makes the best tea EVER! I just brewed a big batch of green tea. No soda in this house - just alotta tea.

Jane M

Sunday, June 28, 2009

No weekend REST for ME!

While you were all enjoying your weekend - and of course this weekend we HAD NO RAIN -- I was busy swatching. Swatching and then again MORE SWATCHING! I knew I would tackle this task over the weekend because I just cannot put ANYTHING that is so important OFF. Our salesmen are patiently awaiting their sample lines and well if I can get them out on Monday (tomorrow) I might just be a hero! For now, the bulk of the lines are done. Tomorrow I must assort all the cards, put them in boxes,slap UPS labels on them and shove them OUT THE DOOR!

So ... my favorite design is ... 2660. I forgot to take a photo of it earlier- I'll do that tomorrow and post it here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STYLE! The pattern, the colors and the textures. I hope to see this style on ALL YOUR FUTURE ORDERS!

OK I'm beat - time to watch THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR - oh the insanity of a commercial every 3 minutes makes me walk away and forget about the ending.

And let me tell you, I get most of my information now on TWITTER, so while on a swatching break, I looked on my computer and was saddened to see Billy Mays had passed away. I was never a fan, but Emily told me on Halloween a kid in her dorm was dresses as him - and I'll never forget that. She was laughing I was laughing - it sounded like a really funny costume. Too many people have passed recently and well it's depressing me and I don't have much more to say about that now.


Jane M

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A BIG week has ended

and now it's the weekend. Today I did my usual, but in the morning filled out invitations for a big SEND OFF TO COLLEGE party for our Russell before heading on down to Wegmans. Emily had to work, so I was on my own. Today, I tried buying some DIFFERENT foods than I normally do each week. I'm not sure if I did or not - but I am trying to be more creative. I also picked up a packet of nasturtium seeds to fill in for my ailing marigolds. You see it won't stop raining in NJ and my marigolds which are normally such a hardy plant are mostly withered away. Instead of plunking more money down on plants, I just stuck in nasturtium seeds which grow really fast and the deer won't touch! The deer are on the street at all times of the day - and I just don't know how to protect my plants! Therefore I have my tomatoes in containers up on my deck. 1 tomato plant is growing faster than the other - and they look to be producing a ton of tomatoes! YEAH! I LOVE TOMATOES!

Gary and Russell are playing a double header of baseball - and Emily is working - so I'm home alone gardening and now cooking. Poor Em - her manager is a real jerk - never makes the life guarding schedule properly and our Emily is left life guarding for 9 hours straight which is just not good nor right! Emily opened up her mouth - this is the 3rd time it has happened and they are paying her double time. But now I must pick her up, feed her and she is going to her regular Saturday night baby sitting job. Well 1 thing for sure, Emily is earning a lot of money this summer. She has already earned in 1 month what she earned all last summer - and she is only 2streets away and her MOM makes and brings her lunch daily! HOW BAD THAT CAN BE?

I'm exactly 1/2 way through making the swatch cards for the FALL 2009 TIE SELLING SEASON! YIPPEE! We planned to get our line ready long before the shows start and it looks like it is happening.

Happy Saturday to you all --

Jane M

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a short UPDATE

Tomorrow I will begin the BIG PUSH to get the bulk of our swatch cards all done - it's a MAJOR task that must be done carefully as well as orderly. I'm thrilled to be busy doing this job as I get to see exactly what we have bought. I also sit with Gary when I'm finished and we go through each card and discuss why we think these ties will be so great for all our fine stores. I need something to divert what I like to call PURE DRECK which is on TV. I cannot take the sad news of celebs passing on and the gory details that the talking heads are spewing. Somehow I got caught up in watching The Real Housewives of NJ - let me tell you, that TV show as well as Jon and Kate have got my juices flowing to go first thing to the Library tomorrow! I will not tolerate these shows a minute longer. These "people" have no business to be on TV and I certainly do not need to feed into this kind of "TV" which is supposed to be entertainment for crying out loud - not watching other people suffer or make fools of themselves for the all mighty dollar!

That's all I have to say for tonight. Pictured above are some of the people I care about most and let all the outside stuff fall off my shoulders! BLAAAH! I take this stuff TV stuff way too seriously. I better learn to LIGHTEN UP!

Jane M

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High School Graduation

Welp the final chapter has been written, both our kids have gone through the public schools here in town. Gary and I have now joined the ranks of the folks who complain about paying the HIGH PROPERTY TAXES when our kids aren't in the schools!

The ceremony was exactly 2 hours - even with the reading of 500 names! A short video was played of the kids throughout the school year and Russell was shown behind the plate in all his gear waving! He looked great FOR SURE!

And so I must go for now and reflect on the last week of events. Now onto having 2 in college! Good lord.

Busy getting ready to break the FALL 2009 TIE collection. Come see us at 1 of the Trade Shows.


Jane M

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PROM GO'er's

Here are the Prom King and Queen - well not really, I just gave them their titles. Don't they look adorable? Prom was fun, if only the kids had stayed to enjoy it! Many mostly cared about "after" Prom where they could act crazy. Oh well - whatever. Russ and the GF had a fun time till all the other kids left to party. He and GF stayed for dessert.

So we all went to the GF's house for pictures. After the kids left for the Prom, we stayed for a long while talking on their front porch. Oh how we wish we had a front porch - only we're at the top of a Dead End drive - so no cars ever pass! But still, there is something about sitting on a rocker, watching cars and people drive by that is so much fun! Maybe we'll get another invite - ? Who knows!

Here are some photos. I just loved the tux Russell wore. He looked so fashionable!


Jane M

Monday, June 22, 2009

And Now Russell is at the Prom!

Another milestone here at the Cahn's! Russell is at his Prom with his girlfriend. The rain held off for the pictures. Emily has text'd him just a little - sounds like the kids are having a blast.

I'm sure you can't see upclose but Russ's braces are of a baseball theme! His tux is so modern and SLIM fitting. His tie - shall I GUSH about the tie? It's a black grosgrain which matches the trim on his tux. Good Grief he's our HANDSOME son!

Here are some photos. We are staying up as the kids are coming here for s'mores when the party is over! We want all the juicy details FIRST!

Jane M

Friday, June 19, 2009

High School Baseball Banquet

Last night was the last of the High School baseball for the Cahn's. Bittersweet to the end! Russell earned the most prestigious award last night and...even my Gary received an award - MVP - MOST VALUABLE PARENT award! The coaches gushed about both my boys - Russell and Gary. I forgot to take my camera to this event - must have been my water logged from all the RAIN in NJ brain! Gary also prepared the slide show at the end of the evening which everyone enjoyed. up ... Prom and then Graduation. I'm finding myself getting pretty much feklempt at all these auspicious occasions. WHO KNEW I had it in me?!

T.G.I.F. - we're off to the sample maker today so that I may start the second round of the making of the swatch cards. Yes, I do rock! And I will be working after having only a few hours of sleep - not to brag, but I've been up since 2:00am. I played Yahtzee (yes I'm an addict of this game), went online, on load #3 of laundry, washed the floors, walked the dog, started the breakfast - Belgium Waffles. Listen, don't even think of calling me after 2:00 today - I'll probably be sleeping at my desk if my husband will let me!

Jane M

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Russell is Graduating High School on Tuesday

Pictured is a black and red bow which is another fund raiser for our High School. I bought the 1st bow 2 years ago when Em graduated and I had to wait and wait to buy the bow for Russell. We've had the bow a full week and Russell is thrilled. I guess I'll be leaving this bow up for years too! Also please notice the amount of rain which is just falling like buckets from the sky. WHEN WILL THIS ROTTEN WEATHER CEASE IN NJ? Whatever! Nothing we can do about it - it's mother nature at her finest.

Next photos will be Prom pictures of Russ and GF.

It's only Thursday - call me for TIES!


Jane M

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My pretty window boxes

So it's only June 17th and my window boxes look to be at their peek? IS THIS GOING TO BE A PROBLEM? I guess come August I can fill in with new plants if these wither and go away.

I barely have a minute to breathe as the swatching is coming in and I'm in the middle of getting the swatch cards in order. You might think this is an EASY job - but it's hard. I have to be organized and focused. 1 swatch turned around and I'm shipping you a blue tie instead of a red tie! WOW DON'T I SOUND LIKE A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON! Ha Ha on me.

Enjoy the flower pictures.

Jane M

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just another MILESTONE in my LIFE

Today, June 15th, 2009, was the day where I prepared my LAST PUBLIC SCHOOL LUNCHEON for my children E-V-E-R! Russell is not finished with school just yet - 3 days of finals, then graduation practice, then PROM, GRADUATION, AND MIDNIGHT MADNESS! But in my life, I PACKED THE LAST LUNCH IN A WHITE LUNCHEON BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's another fact, back in 2003 I bought 2,500 luncheon bags from an online company by MISTAKE! I paid next to nothing for the bags - or so I think/thought, then tried to do the math. At the time, Emily was going into High School and Russell was in Middle School. I tried to figure out all the school days and how many bags I'd get stuck with at the end of my lunch making career. Well I counted what I have left in my inventory -- I'm left with 80 bags - nearly 4 months of school. Oh well, I was close - right? Plus when Russell plays baseball - YES HE IS STILL PLAYING -- double headers most weekends - he and Gary pack lunch and use the bags. Emily too, she packs her lunch for her summer job (2 streets away at the tennis club life guarding).

So in honor of the last lunch making/packing day, I woke up early and baked chocolate chip cookies to put in the white bag.

Here are some photos.

Just started the 1st swatching of the Fall 2009 line - WOW! And I'm not just saying that!

Jane M

Sunday, June 14, 2009


So the party we went to last night was a LOT of fun! It was supposed to be an outdoor BBQ/Swim party, only the weather was not all cooperative. In fact, we've had so darn much rain in NJ - well we're all a little ornery around these parts.

I baked 4 dozen cupcakes to take to the party. Let me tell you, IT WAS A TON OF WORK! Everyone LOVED LOVED LOVED them so it was all worth it. I've gotta say, butter cream frosting is my favorite and I dyed the it pink to boot!

Then after dinner we all danced for 2+ hours. Did we laugh and carry on like nuts! A good time was had by ALL!

Here are some photos.

Tomorrow is MONDAY - call us for an appt. at the NY Warwick Trade Show so you can see our great line of ties. Tomorrow I start the 1st of the swatch cards - I love that job. I try and decide which design will be my favorite.

Good Sunday Night to you all!

Jane M

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know these aren't Biscotti

What do you do with over ripe bananas? YOU MAKE BANANA NUT BREAD OF COURSE! I flipped through a few of my trusty cookbooks and chose a recipe from Dorie Greenspan. I modified it a tad, meaning I halved the recipe. OH YUM ARE THESE EVER GOOD! I'm hooked line and sinker into CUPCAKES! Gary and I are invited to a birthday party this weekend and since I'm the HEAD BAKER of the our group of friends, I'm going to be baking between 3 and 4 dozen cupcakes. I plan on baking carrot, chocolate, vanilla and yellow cupcakes. Those pictures will follow.

In any event here is what we'll be having for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Emily is on her way back from DC - she went down to work on the last GW Newspaper until August when she will go back for her Junior Year. Now she's considering LAW SCHOOL! OK EVERYONE OUT THERE - BUY OUR TIES - BUT A LOT OF TIES - PLEASE - WE WILL HAVE 2 KIDS IN COLLEGE IN SEPTEMBER! OH lordy!

Jane M!

This is what I had for

BREAKFAST. I'm just saying! This bagel is surely NOTHING to brag about. What did you eat this morning?

I think this wet, rainy NJ weather is making me crazy in the head! YA THINK?!

Buy some ties please.

Jane M

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Tomatoes

Here is the progress of our tomato plants up on our deck. Good thing they are out of reach of the deer and bunnies because they are all over our street! Last night both the deer and bunnies were out on our walk with Gordie.

Right now we are getting such a rain storm! Last night at about 2:00am it felt like the thunder and lightning were right over our house!

Gary and Russ are off to Citi Field for tonight's game against the Phillies. They can't wait to get their first look at the field in person! Hope the weather gets better because right now it's dark and stormy.

OK time to attack the TIES!

Jane M
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