Saturday, May 30, 2009

I know this photo is blurry but...

I HAVE TO 2 TOMATOES GROWING ON MY NEWLY PLANTED TOMATO PLANTS! I'm wondering, is this normal? The little steak with the info reads 68 days until maturity! I wonder if these tiny tiny tomatoes will develop anyway. Well it gave me a smile so that's what matters to me.

I was also given this orchid for my birthday this past March. The long stem is rotting away, but the plant seems to be pushing out a new leaf. I'm guessing this is a good thing as well.

What do you make of this ugly squirrel outside my window as I type this blog? I hope he doesn't try and come inside! Those rodents are freaky!

Happy Saturday to you all - We're heading out to the FAIRWAY supermarket today - mixing it up a bit don't-cha-know!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Do I have to wait 68 days for a tomato?

I bought 2 tomato plants last weekend which I had to plant on my deck because of the deer problem. Yesterday when I started dinner - the deer were munching on my HOLLY TREES with the pointy sharp leaves! I was amazed. Even I can't get up close to those sharp trees without screaming YIKES when a leaf nabs me! How can the deer even like to nosh on the pointy green leaves? WHATEVER. But back to my tomato plants. The little info tab says that the fruit will appear in 68 days and I can't WAIT! We had rain overnight and as you can see in the picture it's wet out but has stopped raining for now.

My window boxes are just starting to establish as well. It's not even been a full week and already the window box that is in the sunlight is looking dandy!

Russell is at his University today taking placement tests. Can't wait to hear how it went and if he made any new friends. His orientation will be at the end of June for an overnight. I hope he makes new friends at this outing as well! I so want everything to go well.


Jane M

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Russ's HIGH SCHOOL Baseball season is finished!

Oh it was sad. Russ's team had the lead - then lost the lead. Apparently the coach called a SUICIDE SQUEEZE PLAY which did not work out the right way. The other team scored and we were finished. What a way to go down after such a great season. But that's HIGH SCHOOL for you. See how much I've learned after all these long years of watching games, going to games, not traveling but packing them up for games? I'm a darned good wife throughout these past 8 years of "extreme" travel ball. Oh I bet you never heard of "extreme" travel ball - hmmm - give me about 2 days to tell you all the places, states, fields, weekends, weeks my boys have traveled and now it has come to an end. But not for long -- yep Russell starts his summer/college ball season the week after next! But since the boys are heading off to college, there is no "extreme" travel - just an hour each way to a game (which seems like nothing to us!) Thank you for letting me go on about the baseball. When Emily reads this she is going to want to shoot herself in the head. You see today was the "aftermath" of yesterday's game and besides all the TEXT's, EMAILS and phone calls that Gary has received well it's wonder we even got through SAMPLING THE NEXT LINE OF TIES! YUP we're about 3/4's of the way through finishing up the FALL 2009 TIE LINE - and lemme tell you - we did a FAN-DAMN-TASTICK job -if I say so myself! You are going to want to buy the entire line after we show you the ties at all the shows coming up this summer. So LEAVE YOUR WALLETS OPEN FOR GARY AND JANE - WE'VE GOT GORGEOUS TIES!

OK look for our emails - the next 1 is a dandy!

Jane M

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gardening and Such

Yesterday was such a lovely day in NJ - the weather forecast was SO WRONG! We had a hot and sunny day. While the kids were out and about, Gary and I did a little gardening along with Gordie. Here is the blister on my hand to show for all the work I did! OUCH - does that hurt! And don't even get me started once water hits it. Hopefully it will heal soon.

Anyway, I must plant my tomatoes up on my deck as we have a severe DEER problem. I sure hope we get a good crop!

Then we were all anxiously awaiting the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 - what a sad state of affairs for that family. I guess fame and fortune isn't all what it's cracked up to be? It takes 2 to make this bad situation and I guess both Mom and Dad are to blame. So sad for all those cute young kids. What more can I say - I'm no marriage counselor but it sure seems to me those 2 could use a good therapist, if it's not too late.

So if the weather holds out Russell has another NJ State baseball game at home this afternoon. FINGERS and TOES crossed!


Jane M

Friday, May 22, 2009

Russell's High School moves on to another game because

they won this afternoon! They played a real annoying team - annoying in that the fans and the players were poor sports! Rotten actually - the other team got our line up and started shouting mean things to try and make the kids distracted. Didn't work - because Russ's team won 4 to 1! YIPPEE - they live to see another NJ State game - and get this - the game is at HOME! So here are a few photos from the gorgeous afternoon. Oh and by the way - GARY IS BEYOND EXCITED! He's all excited and he's got his "people" out scouting the next team we face on Tuesday - weather permitting.


Happy Memorial WEEKEND - please sell a LOT OF PRIVATE STOCK TIES!

Jane M!

Headed off to the second round

of the HIGH SCHOOL baseball NJ state tournament. The men in this house are at an all time HIGH - me and Em -well we're just nervous. Hopefully this won't be Russell's last high school baseball game - but we'll have to see how it goes! Pictures to follow and a recap - if the game goes well!

More later!

Jane M

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our house is full up again!

Emily is home for the summer! YIPPEE! We need a little more estrogen in the house - JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! I did a quick round trip to DC and even spent the night with my sis. It sure isn't easy having to load up the car with all of Emily's worldly possessions on a city street. But being that she is a CAHN, she was all ready for me to pull over and open the trunk! I never even went up to her dorm room for the last time. So Emily covered the Commencement for the class of 2009 for her University's newspaper. By doing this, Emily has new set new goals for herself so that when it is her turn to graduate she will have the right sashes, medals, ribbons and whatever else to wear! The kids graduate on the Washington Mall, with the Capital in the background and of course the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Do I have to start now worrying about what the weather will be? Naah - I'll give myself a year or so to start that!

Russ's High School baseball team has reached the 2nd round of the New Jersey state tournament. I hope they GO ALL THE WAY -but a miracle would have to happen for that to be the case! Gary emailed the Dad's in the beginning of the season with his top 10 list -and apparently he told them how I keep saying how HANDSOME our son is. Of course all the Dad's tease me regarding this statement - but hey - he is my Russell and yes he is very handsome! NO ONE CAN ARGUE WITH THAT FACT!

On that note, it's time to start the dinner. Emily wants to shadow me and learn more of my award winning recipes! Can't argue with that! We already baked up a batch of cupcakes for the dessert. Oh cupcakes...they are just so much fun!


Jane M

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reading FOOD BLOGS is not good for my WAISTLINE!

YEP, my reading of the food blogs is not good on my weight control. But...what can I do? I love looking at the photos and recipes and saying, "I can make that too!". So I printed out a recipe for CAKE donuts - without yeast. I opened my eyes at 5:50am and told Gary that I want to make Russ donuts for breakfast. So that is what I did. The dough came together lickity split and had to chill in the fridge. So I walked Gordie and came back and started heating up the oil.

Here is the finished product. I ate a few holes to see if they tasted good. YES THEY DID! YES I CAN! I CAN MAKE THE DONUTS!

Now it's time for me to go work out!

Buy some ties for Father's Day! PLEASE!

Jane M

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Well it seems I've not updated my blog in quite some time. Guess I've just nothing much to report. Maybe all the rain in NJ has got me down?

But today is Mother's Day and the weather outside is lovely! Sunny, dry and gorgeous. Guess that means it's time to get out and garden. I've not even started my famous window boxes. I know exactly what I am going to plant this season. I'll forward photos when I finish the task. I'm also going to plant 1 tomato plant in my planter on my back deck. The deer situation HAS NOT improved what-so-ever, so I'm not planting anything that they like to eat! I'm just NOT!

So...I hope all is well in the land of retail and that you come visit our site and buy some ties! Father's Day is coming in 1 month! (hint hint)

Jane M -- PS a week from today our house will be back to being filled up as our daughter will be home for the summer. Oh lordy - I can feel her breaking my chops already! HOW WILL I SURVIVE THE NEXT 3 MONTHS???????????? Naah - it's all good!
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