Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boy I'm no Michaelangelo that's-a-for-sure!

I often think in bed - I'm just going to paint my bedroom myself. Well let me tell you, I don't think I'm going to paint my bedroom after having to paint the ceiling in Emily's room! I forgot to take "BEFORE" photos, but due to an air conditioning leak from upstairs, the plaster ceiling above Emily's bed cracked from water damage! The crack was probably 4 feet long and 3 feet wide. Our friend and contractor Joe, saw this problem and told us to immediately address this crack before Emily comes home from college for the summer. YEP MY BEST GIRL IS COMING BACK HOME TO KEEP ME COMPANY AND SANE FROM ALL THIS TESTOSTERONE AND BASEBALL DISCUSSIONS!

On Tuesday Joe showed up with a helper and started the job. Gary and I had to empty Emily's room out - into our bedroom. I HATE WHEN THINGS ARE ALL UNDONE AND ALL OVER THE PLACE! So Joe did the job, spackled let it dry and came back yesterday to do another spackle and dry. I didn't listen to him and last night painted her ceiling! He was to come back this morning and sand this 1 spot - and well now that I covered the spot with paint, there was no sanding to be done! WHATEVER - I painted last night and this morning and you know what? The ceiling is fine. The crack is gone, Emily will be safe sleeping in her beddie - and I got the chance to dust, vacuum and clean out her room 1 more time. But painting a ceiling really hurts my neck - my back - and I get a little grumpy!

Now it's onto digging out Russell's disaster of a room. Good lord it's a horrible mess in there. It pains me to walk by let alone go into his room! IT'S A HORROR! I will spare you a photo!

On another note - in the beginning of the week here in NJ the temps went into the 90's. We all had to turn on our air. Yesterday the temps went down 30+ degrees - this morning -- MY HEAT CAME ON! Go figure.

Oh Russ played a great game yesterday as well. He's officially 18 years old!

Jane M

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy but a little sad in a way

My kids were both born in April. Emily is April 25th, Russell was supposed to come out that day, but I held my legs together and his birthday is April 30th. Well Emily turned 20 years old 5 days ago and tomorrow Russell turns 18! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! WHERE DID THE TIME GO? I feel sad in a way - when I shouldn't. But I just do.

Here is a picture of Gordie in the grass. Doesn't he look so regal? That's our front lawn grass. I had Gary fill in the stripes in our backyard because it's crazy looking back there -still!

I'm also a bit undone about all the Swine Flu news.


Bye for now!

Jane M

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My husband is a city boy at heart

1 thing ticked off my HONEY DO list - fertilize the backyard. You see our lawn mower man, Sam, he's quite an old man and only wants to keep up our front yard. As hard as Gary tries, we only want him to fertilize the back - we'll mow. But nope, Sam wants no part of the job. So about 2 or so weeks ago, before some rain was predicted, Gary went out and spread treatment #1 which we purchased at the Home Depot. I'm going to show you pictures of the front and back and you decide who did the better job!

I think Gary should stick to ties and publications - that's just my opinion.



Sunday, April 19, 2009

That Time of Year Again!

Yes, our son Russell, is in high gear with High School baseball. Now if only the weather would cooperate! Russ is a senior, so this his is last hurrah and he's enjoying himself. Gary has taken to watching the games in the outfield where there are no stands - and no other parents. Well the "no other parents" part of the equation has changed and they have followed Gary into the outfield. Me, I'm not allowed to go out there! Apparently I ask too many questions during the game. Boo Hoo on me - that's OK. I sit with a few Moms and just hang and watch the game. Truth be told, Gary makes me too nervous during a game anyway! I can see him pacing out there in the outfield and now I just TEXT my questions! Funny - no?

Well today is Sunday - back in the gym for me. I'm on my 3rd recipe in my cupcake book. Never tasted these chocolate delights - sent them home with "The girlfriend" where I understood they got RAVE reviews! I love to bake!!!!!!!!!! I'm seriously considering putting a table out front! JUST KIDDING!

Happy Sunday to you all - the day of REST!

Jane M **** Other photos are of: Wegmans from the upstairs eating area, and out green green grass.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I've been baking

My sister came here to spend some time with us - and EVERYTHING we did was related to food! You aren't surprised ARE YOU? So my sis bought me this really nice cupcake recipe book - and I've already made 2 recipes. (see photos) I love baking cupcakes - they are so much fun!

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday. I've nothing too important to share right now!

Jane M

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We've been FLOCKED!

As a school fundraiser for Russ's Midnight Madness party - a graduation party sponsored by the school and parents - we were FLOCKED! LOOK! All last year I saw these flocks on different senior families homes. All I kept whining was "I WANT TO GET FLOCKED!". My wish has come true! And we are the first family in town to get flocked! YIPPEE! So here's the fund raiser, $20 donation to remove the flock, another $20 to relocate the flock to the yard of any friend you choose, and $10 buys flocking insurance so we won't get flocked again! HOW CLEVER IS THIS???????? The instructions say the flock will be taken away in 48 hours. BOO HOO. Even Gordie likes it!


Jane M

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maybe I should open a Patisserie!

I love to bake. You can tell by my girth and by the biscotti you have received in your orders and by my photos. I think I might have gone too far this week - look at what's leftover and it's only Wednesday! Gary doesn't eat the stuff - so that means it's just me and Russell. I should set up a table on my street and sell my baked goods and TIES! KIDDING! We live on a Dead End - no one but neighbors drive up and I don't want to sell them food ANYWAY! I'm mean that way.

Happy Hump Day!

Jane M
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