Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 Things that make me HAPPY

1. Cooking in my kitchen - I just enjoy creating food, when I'm in the mood of course, in my nice spacious kitchen. I really like it when the food I'm preparing comes out tasting great too! I've been known to have some real bombs - but hey, how would we know the good food without some foul ups?

2. Speaking to my daughter on SKYPE - that way she is not calling me from the street with all the city sounds in the background. I'm sick of screaming "WHAT" all the time and trying to listen to Emily while she is huffing and puffing. She claims she must call me from the street to get any privacy. AAAAH the 2000's who knew phone conversations would be private on a city street filled with people?!

3. Watching Russell catch a High School baseball game. First of all, our son is so tall and handsome, and then to see him on the field in all his gear in command of the game. If you don't know, the catcher sets the pace of the game. Russell calls all the pitches, his coach trusts him that much. Anyway watching Russell play ball -especially if his team is winning is really really fun.

4. Receiving and picking PRIVATE STOCK MENSWEAR ties. Yep, makes me feel productive and have a purpose other than cooking and cleaning up after meals!

5. Shopping at my favorite food store Wegmans. I've blogged about that store way too many times to blab more on that subject.

6. Being online and reading my favorite food blogs. Also, my sister cooks online many nights of the week. We the viewers Instant Message Justopia (that's her cooking show name) while she cooks. It's an hour and half of fun talk and good food prep - only we the viewers are left drooling since we can't eat her food!

7. Hanging with my friends on weekends.

8. SOMETIMES thinking about something OTHER than ties ties ties!

9. Talking to my Mom on the phone.

10. Working side by side with my husband and best friend Gary!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Monday

I really dislike Mondays. I'm putting that out there for you all to know. I find them slow, boring, crappy, sluggish, all in all NOT MY FAVORITE day of the week. I've decided over the years that I have come to REALLY REALLY LIKE Sundays! Now doesn't that make you laugh? Most do not like Sunday because they know that Monday is rolling in quickly. For me, Sunday is a full day of rest for me. I like to lounge around, I like to cook and I like to watch the cooking shows for new ideas, I also enjoy reading the newspaper. This time of year I don't feel any pressure to getting up and dressed and outside because it's still cold and miserable out. But I do like the change of seasons.

Pictured above are the best cupcakes I think I've ever baked. First of all these cupcakes bake up pretty with nice even rounded tops. Their taste is devine - a yellow cake with the zest of some orange. Yum Yum. I baked them to take to friends house over the weekend. I packed some in my son's lunch today as well. I'm trying very hard to resist eating any more of them -- but we'll have to see! I do love sweets.

I am keeping my resolution - well for at least the months of January and February - of going regularly to the gym. It's very helpful in that it helps relieve my stress -and believe me - WE ALL HAVE A LOT OF STRESS these days.

So when you have some time, why don't you look around the website and make an order for some ties. They are really pretty for spring and they might just help improve EVERYONE'S mood!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I know you probably don't know this about me, but I love to recycle. I also love TOTER DAY - which comes to our town once a month! That is when we can roll our toters curbside and away go our newspapers, bottles, and plastic bottles. While walking Gordie earlier, I noticed some neighbors put out tin cans. I thought that was NOT allowed and I'm so worried that the TOTER PEOPLES won't take my recycling that I just toss my cans in the garbage.

Here are a few photos of the event!

Also, my pansies from LAST SPRING seem to be living through this crazy NJ weather of ours! When we get snow, the flowers wilt and look like they won't survive. Then the snow melts, we get some sun and look - the pansies come alive!

Look at poor Gordie. I didn't let him outside during the toter pick up. Was worried he might go running for the street. Do you think he looks sad?



Monday, February 16, 2009

One more thing

I forgot to show you what I made Gary for Valentine's HALLMARK HOLIDAY Day! I took an old pair of jeans that had rips in places that could not be fixed. I cut out a heart, sewed on the beads and stuffed and stitched up the heart. So thoughtful -- no? And HALLMARK DIDN'T GET A DIME FROM ME THIS YEAR! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

Lemon Bars

Because it's still winter and that I was inspired by a food blog, I decided to bake lemon bars for dessert last night. They are such a treat and I really don't know anyone who doesn't like them!

Today is the start of another work week.

Call me, order some ties! Together lets start the economy on a positive note!



Thursday, February 12, 2009

MY winter blues

I've gotta perk up a bit here. It's now the middle (or just about) of February. I know spring is just 5 weeks away and I could use a little bit of sunshine right about now. Today in NJ we are having high winds - similar to the March winds so I'm feeling hopeful that spring is just around the corner.

So if spring is just around the corner, don't you stores out there need some nice, freshly colored, beautiful ties from me and Gary? YES YOU DO - YES YOU CAN - YES I CAN SHIP THEM! Call me - 973-763-3474 and I can ship out your ties tomorrow! Look online, call 1 of our great salesman, but don't delay! Order our ties - sell them out and call me again and I'll gladly ship out more!

On that it's time for dinner and to end another day here at Private Stock.


Jane --> I'm leaving you with a picture of pretty spring time flowers just to lighten the mood!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Rice Cooker

I have had this gadget for approximately 7 years. I never thought I'd need something to cook rice - but let me tell you this item NEVER FAILS ME! Throw in the rice, then the water and turn the switch on. About 40 minutes or so voila - PERFECT RICE EVERY TIME! I sound like a commercial don't you think?

Well time to get to the tie orders. Hope you sell out our ties and call or email me orders for more! We'll gladly ship!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another HALLMARK holiday is coming up!

Russell has a valentine and this is what I made for Russell to give to his girl. Isn't it cute? I'll also bake some cookies in my most favorite heart shaped cookie cutter. I do really enjoy baking.

Hope all is well -- don't forget to look at all the gorgeous ties on our site and BUY SOME!

Happy Sunday night.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

We all have jobs

Yes, that's a fact of life. We all don't just sit around eating bon bons - we WORK! We WORK hard!

Well pictured in this blog is my dog Gordie and his job. He does his job very very well. His job is to look so handsome and cute and to sleep away the morning. I think I should give him a gold star for the work he did today. You see it's 16 degrees outside and Gordie found the sunshine to warm himself up!

I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your job is going well - and look at our new line of ties online TODAY and MAKE AN ORDER! I'M WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The ELEMENTS don't frighten me from

GRILLING AND CHILLING! That's a Bobby Flay expression - no? Anywho...we're spinning a bird for dinner and yep, it's FRIGID outside. I've had the radio on all day long and tonight we'll be in the single digits around here. But not our bellies - oh no -- we're going to have a YUMMY dinner tonight.

Here's my bird in all its glory. I think I need another hour or so and then SOUPS ON! Care to join us????



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isn't this a pretty picture?

Well this little amount of snow has now delayed Gary's flight home tonight. I've been checking his flight details all day online -- and since the planes are flying all around, well this snowy weather was bound to make airport delays. I'm hoping Gary can pack up the booth in Chicago and hop on the 1 hour earlier flight which is also delayed! We'll see.

Next stop - Charlotte Friday mid-day.

Also, our new ties are online! Yep, we've been working very hard and the tie photos are up on this site. Check them out - and while you're at it - MAKE AN ORDER! The ties are terrific!


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