Monday, January 12, 2009

Not like anyone cares but...

I've not posted in a while. I've nothing much to report I guess. Emily and I were in VA helping my sister who was in and out of the hospital. I guess you can call me Florence Nightingale if you want! I think we did a fairly good job helping my sister and making her feel better. My father relieved us yesterday so that Emily could go back to college and me back to my family at home. Of course I have many things to do to prepare for the Trade Show at the NY Warwick a.k.a. The HABERDASHERY. Ties, swatch cards, organizing. You know the drill. YIKES, I just thought of this...I have to BAKE as well! Oh lordy. With being away, I've not even stepped into the supermarket. I've NOTHING in my fridge. In fact, it's barren. It's horrible - Old Mother Hubbard, My CUPBOARDS ARE BARE!

On another note, Emily got OFFICIAL CBS Press Passes for the Inauguration! She has no idea where she might be placed...being a lowly intern she has no great hopes - but she'll be somewhere on the Mall watching this historic event. Hope she takes some pictures and documents her day!

OK I must head off to the gym now ... LIKE I NEED ANOTHER THING TO DO TODAY! But exercise is very very important.


Jane M

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Justopia said...

Yes! You guys did a great job! I didn't have to do anything and it helped. I am out of energy and feel like doing nothing more than sleeping most of the time still.


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