Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend or LABOR DAY weekend?

I think we mixed up weekends because we had delivered to our house 10 yards of lucisous brown mulch and spreading spreading spreading was what we did most of the weekend. What back breaking work it was -- and let me tell you, my Gary is in AGONY! He can't even stand up straight! So who do you think did the bulk of the work of spreading the mulch? Yup Russ and myself. OH BROTHER! But I have to say, the yard looks a lot more finished and neat and tidy. I never took photos of our hard labor - I'll have to go out tomorrow and snap some pictures.

We also broke out the Webber charcoal grill this weekend. We grilled up burgers 1 night, pizzas for lunch another, and more burgers and hot dogs. YUM YUM!

Emily is happy in California visiting her college room mate for the week. She's loving the California living! Tomorrow they plan on heading over to the Whole Foods for some celebrity sightins! Lucky Em.

Short week coming up -- with a lot to stuff into it!

OK more later - Oh and I also fit in a trip to my favorite knitting store to get help in a pattern I was working on. Got my sweater all started and am on a roll! I wore my latest creation to the store and the shop owner when GA-GA over it!



Thursday, May 22, 2008

Could it really be

Memorial weekend already? The UNofficial start of summer? NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Hmmm so what are the Cahn's plans? Can ANYONE out there guess???? Yup, BASEBALL, BASEBALL AND MOST PROBABLY MOOOOOOOOOOOORE BASEBALL! The big scuttlebutt around these parts is that Russ's High School team is getting pushed around by some CHEATERS! The cheating team cancelled the first game of the NJ State tournament due to rain! Yes it did spritz, but all the other teams around played but us. So 2 more days pass and Russ's team finally plays yesterday. They played in between the rain drops. Just when we tied up the game to go into EXTRA INNINGS ... the hard rains came back. The boys played another 2 innings with no decision - still tied, when the Umpires stopped the game to pick up today where they left off in the 10th inning. So what do you think happened? The TEAM CANCELLED AGAIN when all the teams in the area played. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH! So hopefully tomorrow the game will happen and it will have a happy ending for Russ and his team. Guess we'll have to wait it out!!!!!!!!!!!

Em's home a solid 2 weeks. Although she's happy not to be in classes with all the work, she misses her college and FREE life! No Mom around to boss her around, NOT LIKE SHE LISTENS OR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my big plans for the weekend will be to get a whole lot of mulch delivered so I can fill the beds up and hide the weeds! Oh Gordie just loves to garden -- he'll be thrilled.

Hope you have a safe and fun Memorial weekend out there...oh and Gary and I finished up the new line yesterday! Soon all the fabrics will be rolling in for me to start to make the swatch cards. Soon after, the finished ties, so we can get them to our photographer and up online again! Don't forget to call and set up a date to see us at the Warwick's New York Haberdashery Show July 17th - July 21st! See you all then!



Saturday, May 17, 2008

You wanna hear something CRAZY??????????

Last night Emily and I went to Borders ... our favorite Friday night activity. We read magazines and thumb through books! Em did buy a gift for a friend, but we usually leave with nothing :)! So back to my story. It was a cold rainy night for May 16th. Just all in all nasty. Both the kids never went out because it was so nasty out.

We come into the house, immediately throw off our wet shoes and I slip my feet into my warm, cozy slippers which happen to be right by the front door. I slip my right foot inside my slipper and quickly pull it out! It felt like I had been pricked by a pin or a needle -- something sharp like that. Now I know I wasn't around ANY pins or needles yesterday ... why I even thought that -- well who knows. My big toe is stinging! I mean STINGING and it's killing me. I look back inside my slipper and see nothing...then all of a sudden I feel this "thing" moving and YUP, I PULLED OUT A WASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT STUNG INSIDE MY HOUSE BY A WASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed out and my whole family came running down to my rescue! Gary said the bee was hardly moving and he was able to step on it (MY HERO)and kill it for GOOD, while Russ and Emily came to my aid. Russ rubbed my back while Em filled up a bag of ice. I know it's just a stupid bee sting, but it really REALLY HURT!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't remember the last time I was stung by a bee --LET ALONE INSIDE MY SLIPPER AND INSIDE MY HOUSE!

Isn't that a crazy story? No pictures of that event -- it all happened too fast. So to make myself feel better, I played ROCK BAND with my kids. Gary could hardly contain himself he was laughing so hard...I was the LEAD SINGER! Oh happy day! Only I'm told NOT TO QUIT MY DAYTIME JOB -- RATS...but wouldn't you all miss me and my blogs and emails????

Leave me a comment PLEASE!



Friday, May 16, 2008

ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know about this video game? It's really quite fun, although I've never played but watched. The kids loooooooooooooove it! ALL KIDS LOVE IT! I just had to post some funny photos of my kids playing ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't have this game, you might want to run out and buy it! Maybe some day soon I'll get up the nerve to try it! My singing voice is horrible and my hand eye coordination isn't so hot either.

On another note, Emily is so so happy to be around her best dog Gordie! Here are some photos of Gordie getting his much needed attention.



PS The deer climbed up my deck last night, knocked over my McCoy planter and ATE Gary's bachelor spider plant he had going since 1981! We both heard a crash in the middle of the night and couldn't figure out what the noise was. When it stops raining I will run out and take pictures. I'm so hopping mad you have no idea! I hope I can salvage 1 "baby" spider hanging off the plant to keep it going in the future. And to think the hunters came for 2 solid months this winter to cut down the on the herd. LOTTA GOOD THAT DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to Normal

Everybody is home in the Cahn household!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gordie, the best dog in the whole world, is thrilled! He can't get enough of Emily - and you can always find him all sniggled in next to her! Oh Gordie!

Russ's High School baseball is coming to an end - and in not such a good way. His baseball team peaked too early in the season and now they are in a horrible losing streak. So much losing, that I might not go to the last game of the year. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Russ certainly tries his hardest - but well what can you do? Baseball is not an easy sport. I'm posting some photos of Russ in action.

Emily is enjoying NO CLASS WORK, but so misses her friends and the college life. I would think this will be her last summer home. After that she will figure out how to live on her own in the summers in her favorite new hometown D.C.! She is still writing articles for the school newspaper and has made a memorable notebook of all her articles. That book is very very impressive, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!! Not too shabby for a Freshman -that's for sure!

Gary and I are just about finished designing the FALL 2008 line. WOW -- talk about DARK, DEEP RICH COLORS FOR FALL/WINTER! It's not easy just coming into Spring in real time and thinking to Fall/Winter -- but we really have picked some amazing colors and designs. Oh and you all requested a line of solids -- and we've listened!

OK then, back to the task at hand!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you would like to see in the next tie line!



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tough Loss

Russ's high school team did not win the semi finals today. RATS! RATS!!!!!!! OK here' some of what went on. First off last night we hosted another team BBQ. Well there was no BBQ because of all the rain we had. Instead it became a pizza party with the boys playing ROCK BAND and GRAND THEFT AUTO in 2 rooms. The parents all mingled and chatted as the boys got LOUD! Me, I had to leave mid party to get Emily at the train. YUP EMILY'S FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE IS FINISHED -- IN THE BOOKS -- COMPLETED! Emily shipped her clothes home and spared me another trip to VA and all was delivered. Now if I could only get her to unpack and straighten things out. For 10 straight months Emily's room was spic and span. NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! So back to today's baseball game. Let me just tell you that Gary and I were hoping there might be college scouts about - because Russell played GREAT! Russell (CATCHER) threw out 3 runners in 3 innings! How do you like that?! Too bad I didn't catch any on my video. Had Russell not done that as well as caught a high foul pitch, well his team might have gotten clobbered. Russ's team lost 2-0 and the other team scored the runs in the last inning. Well next week start the State Champanionships, so maybe Columbia will have a shot at that. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Since I last blogged, Russell got his driver's license. YUP we have 2 teenage drivers now. LET THE FIGHTING BEGIN FOR THE CAR THIS SUMMER!! Emily seems to have her whole college career planned out. I don't want to jinx anything, but let me just tell you she's 1 mature kid. Enjoy the pictures I took early on in the game. Best, Jane
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