Saturday, April 26, 2008


The High School baseball season is short and compact. Many many games within a week and well on our team (my son's team to be exact) we do not have enough pitching! We were on a horrible losing streak (6 games in row) until this afternoon when we finally got a much needed win to boost the moral. Gary and I hosted the first BBQ of the season last night at our house. A good time was had by all. Then today, we had a big crowd show up to the game today. It was the first of the GNT games (GNT stands for the GREATER NEWARK TOURNAMENT - which is the oldest baseball tournament in the country!). Our High School hasn't won a GNT game in many many years. So next weekend we're off to our second game in the tournament.

Enjoy the photos I've posted with the BBQ and most recent game!



Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Virginia Weekend

I'm still in rainy VA. WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came down to see my daughter and my sister. Yesterday we celebrated Passover. We ate a delicious meal of chicken and matzo ball soup, brisket, potato pancakes and asparagus. This holiday just seems so so weird at Easter was a MONTH earlier! Usually the 2 holidays coincide.

Today we had a HUGE cook-in. H-U-G-E! We made an Indian feast. WOWZERS. I also bought Emily custom M&M's to share with her school buddies. But we decided to bake and use the M&M's as decorations. See above photo! It was a good day to cook, because it poured all the live long day! We also had a thunderstorm warning in the early afternoon. We drove Emily back to campus with some huge storage bins. I then took back from her messy college dorm room a suitcase of winter clothing. I'll be back in 2 weeks to pick her up and that will be the end of her Freshman Year of school. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST THE TIME WENT!

Well I'm tired and I have to get to bed. I took Gordie with me so Emily could spend the weekend with him. He has been a very good guest, only his whole routine is off and well...I can't wait to get him back home.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Game Day

here at the Cahn household. We have too many rituals which are falling by the wayside. We are too superstitious and need to calm ourselves down! Russ packed his gear and put it by the front door so when we pick him up after school we can bring him his clothes for the game today. I was cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast and when I went to bring out garbage look who I found?!!! Yup, that's our Gordie in Russ's gym bag!!!!!!!!!!! OH how I love that dog! LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched my favorite and last show of the season BIGGEST LOSER! WOW WOW WOW ... a woman finally won! And wow did she look fab! No more TV conflicts with Dancing With the Stars and Fatty!

OK then, have a great day!



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Green Grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You probably think I've lost my mind showing you our green grass! Well if you only saw our "lawn" last summer you wouldn't believe the transformation. Today we cut our grass for the first time after our new lawn finally came up! We might be the talk of the neighborhood after the disaster from last summer! How are we going to keep this green grass up? EVERY SINGLE YEAR on JULY 15th our lawn goes to pot. We do NOTHING's just that the lawn dries up and the weeds take over. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this summer! And did you know GREEN is my favorite color???? WE HAVE GREEN GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK not much more to report ...



Sunday, April 13, 2008

So I picked

up a cooking magazine called SAVEUR because of the oh so delicious looking pasta on the front cover (which we just glommed down for dinner earlier). I bought the magazine the day I went to the Ethiopian restaurant. This morning, while rereading the pasta recipe to make sure I knew what I was doing, I noticed the front cover of the magazine. Low and behold there is a whole article on Ethiopian food and the making of that gross fermented bread! HOW FUNNY/TIMELY IS THAT??!!!!

By the way, our pasta dinner was quite yummy. Homemade pasta is really a treat! I had Russell helping me tonight. He did a fantastic job.

Nothing much more to report here.

Have a wonderful week ahead.



Saturday, April 12, 2008

I don't know about you guys

but eating food with my hands is just gross. Ok you wanna hear about my meal last night? I went out with my 2 girl friends. We met waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when our kids started Kindergarten in the school system in town. Now are kids are in college - but I know I already went on about that. Anyhoo...last night we decided to get together to trade stories about our kids and catch up. My friends chose an ETHIOPIAN restaurant for our dinner out. I had no idea what Ethiopian food is so I looked it up online. Lemme tell you (sorry girls if you are reading this ) it was NOT GOOD - in my opinion. In fact, it was down right GROSS! Do you know that we were offered NO PLATES or SILVERWARE. ICK! Now I don't mind eating with my hands ... a hamburger, french fries - those types of foods. But what we got was this fermented, cold, wet whimp "bread" with different slop set atop of it. I'm still kicking myself for forgetting to take my camera out of my purse to snap a few photos. I'm sure you can't even picture/fathom these eating conditions. Ok hmmmm, let me see here, we ordered these lentils that were steamed with garlic and lemon. So I rip off my piece of whimpy wet bread, and pull some lentils out of the bowl and try and squeeze this mess together and into my mouth. Most of the lentils landed on the tablecloth and my lap - with a few in my mouth. So think of the taste, sour bread and acid lentils - YUMMY -- ("Please sir, may I have some more?" )That was from the movie Oliver in case you all forgot. OK back to the meal. So this is how the meal went, rip off a piece of gross wet bread, grab some slop, roll and jam in my mouth. I gave up after a while besides which the taste was not good. Dessert time... DESSERT TIME! I'm thinking what could an ETHIOPIAN dessert be???? Our choices were, Carrot Cake, Baklava, and Chocolate Cake. I found this so strange but thrilled because I had to get the icky taste off my mouth! I chose carrot cake and lucky for me the piece was a HUNK! I glommed it all down! so that my friends was my review on Ethiopian food. I can tell you, I won't be going back any time soon.

Right now I'm watching the MASTERS on the TV my Dad bought us. Sounds cliche, but the picture is so darn great, I feel like I'm there! I also had to reserve my seat so I could watch. The boys in this house are very pushy!

That's all for now. Got a turkey and stuffing in the oven. I need some good old American Food for tonight!



Friday, April 11, 2008

AAAH Spring

Yesterday we had our first day of spring weather here in New Jersey! The temps were in the 70's. Was so so nice. I had a terrible case of spring fever but managed to squeak in a full day.

Our son is in the thick of his baseball season. He hit another home run the other day and they tell me the shot went over the fence and over some neighbor's house! WOWZERS! Russ told us at dinner last night that at practice yesterday he hit 3 more dingers! Hope this lasts the season.

Today is Friday and that means I must finish up my tasks for the week and get ready for the weekend. I'm going out for dinner with my women friends tonight to an Ethiopian restaurant in town. Never been before, and I have no idea what the food is like. I'll be sure to report back to you and hopefully with pictures. I understand you eat with your hands? We'll have to see!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Pansies

What is more spring like than pansies? Well I guess daffodils which I forgot to snap photos of. I was just in my garden poking around with my Gordie. Looks like there is a bit of action going on! YIPPEE! Stuffs are starting to turn green which makes me feel good that winter is almost totally behind us.

This past Friday night Gary and I went to a fundraiser for the High School team fields. The event was held in the big Women's Club in town with lots of old friends showing up as well as many more newcomers. You see, I've only 1 year left in the schools (which makes me feel old) and so a new generation is coming up. All our ball fields are in horrendous condition. We learned that the school and fields were built in 1921 - and of course NEVER been updated! Quite honestly, the kids are almost embarrassed to play under theses terrible conditions. For us, participating in baseball, we the parents and the players must keep the baseball field in condition. Every Fall and Spring we have to go out with our blowers and rakes and make the field playable. Gary was in charge of fund raising this year and he earned the team enough money to buy a new scoreboard to replace the ORIGINAL and broken 1! We have another father who's kids graduated and he still volunteers and is in charge of getting the fields fertilized as well as building practice pitching mounds and other various things. You know when I went to school the maintenance department took care of this stuff. It's amazing to me that with the property taxes we ALL pay that there just is never enough money for A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! I often wonder where all that money really goes?!!!

So it's another lazy Sunday afternoon around here at the Cahn household. In just 1 month our daughter will be finishing her Freshman year of college and coming home. All I can say is OIY! Then the real trouble will be begin. Russ takes his driver's test in a few weeks ... and then there will be FIGHTING OVER THE CAR WE ARE QUITE SURE!

On that note, I will close for now.

I'm gathering my strength for another crazy and wild week ahead!



Friday, April 4, 2008

My Boys are still on a major HIGH

from the big game yesterday! The phone and emails came all day long! Oh everybody is so proud! From all the years and years of travel ball - and I MEAN travel, Russ and Gary have met most every good baseball player in northern NJ. So wherever Russ plays, he knows someone on the other team. And being that Russ is the catcher, he knows what pitch the batter can take or not -- so this is all very helpful to his team! Russ said when he came home from school today that wherever he went around school he was congratulated on the BIG WIN! That surely made him feel good.

But like I said, that was only 1 GAME and tomorrow is another day.

So I must go for now and pick Russ up from practice.

Have a nice weekend.



Thursday, April 3, 2008

The First High School Baseball Game of Russ's Junior Year

Ok ... baseball in April in New Jersey ... F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G! We spectators were dressed for winter and we kept saying, "How do the boys play in this kind of weather?" Well play they did. Our school is called Columbia. For years, we were the BAD NEWS BEARS team. Today...NOT SO MUCH! I cannot give you a blow by blow account of the game because I'm just not into it, but you can call my Gary any day and he'll recant the game to you. So not only did Russ's team, Columbia WIN, RUSSELL GOT THE FIRST HOME RUN OF THE GAME, OF HIS CAREER, OR HIS EVERYTHING!!!! Ya think we went nuts on the sideline? HOLY MAC-IN-OLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Russ helped turn the game around as it was the 3rd inning and we were losing. Not only did Russ hit a home run, well he caught a fantastic game (so says Gary) Apparently Russ can really BLOCK/FRAME a ball - which I understand in this game is HUUUUUUUUGE! So all is well in the Cahn household tonight. Can't live on this first WIN forever ... but for tonight we sure will. Russ was interviewed after the game for this website in NJ that all the sports freaks visit If you don't want to hear about the game from Gary, go to this website. Oh we're also getting up at the crack of dawn to get our newspaper and READ ALL ABOUT IT! You see Seton Hall Prep had 2 pitchers last year...1, Rick Porcello who was drafted by the Detroit Tigers and there were scouts and scouts at all the games as Seton Hall Prep has the #1 High School Baseball team in the country! AND OUR TEAM BEAT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

But tomorrow is another day -- and so it goes. I've been HUGELY busy getting out all your EXTRA LONG orders -- so tomorrow -- T.G.I.F.!

Bye for now!


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