Thursday, March 27, 2008

Haven't been here in a while

So my Gary got on my back for NOT blogging in over a week. Not like me really. But here I is!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad came up to NJ for a few days -- we had a very nice visit. And you know what we Cahn's got as a house gift????????? Are you sitting down????????? Come on now ... WE GOT A BRAND SPANKING NEW 40 INCH TELEVISION!!!!!!!! I nearly plotzed my pants! I never want to leave! I want to sit around and eat my baked goods and watch the Food Channel and Home and Gardens 24/7!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO PICK TIES! I DON'T WANT TO MAKE INVOICES! I DON'T WANT TO ANSWER THE PHONES! I've never seen anything like it! While watching Giada make her Italian food ... I was drooling all over myself!

Gary and I are in the middle of designing the next line of ties. We started last week -- we are anxiously awaiting the first strike offs so we can make our first buy! And our 9 FOLDS ... forgetaboutit. We are changing the make slightly as per our customers requests.

Another season -- our ties will all be 3 1/2 inches wide. We've had many requests for the "new" narrow shape and we listened. We are now working out the details and awaiting the first samples to see if we like the new tie. I will surely keep you posted on that.

Oh...and we have a new cool pocketsquare coming as well. We have lots of things in the works so you must not miss us at any of the Trade Shows coming up this summer.

On another note, our Emily listened to this guy on the Food Network in her dorm lobby last night. He has this show called SUGAR RUSH. He's the dude with the dread locks for all you food network lovers like myself. Anyhoo this guy went to Law School at EM's college and he came to her dorm to talk about his schooling, his work life and to hand out the most yummy cupcakes Em ever tasted! You see at Em's school -- they ask the graduates to "pay it forward" and apparently many many do!

Welp, I've no photos to post. I've not been snapping many pictures of late. I don't want to make you jealous of our new TV so I won't be posting photos of that. I'll think of something soon.

Take Care!



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Ties are BACK!

Front of sweater
Back of sweater with heart knitted in. I HEART HEARTS!
The shipment of ties finally arrived so i can fill into all the orders and pick all the rest! YIPPEE! So you should all be expecting your shipments within the next few days.

And...Gary and I just today started working on our next line of ties! FALL 2008! We are coloring the ties in the FALL colors, oranges, browns, rusts, -- falling leaves colors! We have a new top color in our line! Can you guess? Leave me a comment and I'll tell you if you are right!!!!!!

So the weather here in NJ is wet wet wet. Our grass is the greenest it's ever been this time of year. But for some reason, our front lawn gets this terrible blight EVERY summer season. Every year our lawn looks fantastic -- and by JULY 15th EACH YEAR, our lawn dies DEAD! We don't know what happens. We've followed all the steps of fertilizing and all that a lawn needs and we still get a dead lawn and massive amounts of weeds. Maybe this year will be different -- who knows?!!

I'm knitting this fabulous sweater in varigated yarns. I have on hold hot pink yarn which I must pick up later in the week. I'm getting a 20% discount on the yarn in honor of Mr. Rogers birthday (which is tomorrow, March 29th).

So Dancing with the Stars started this week and I have to get used to this new cast. I also have a TV conflict with the FATTY LOSER show -- that show seems to go on and on! At this point all the FATTIES are now thin and looking so fantastic that i just want to know who lost the most weight and be done with it! Last night they had a stylist dress them in their new bodies. Wish I had a stylist and then the loot to spend on a whole new wardrobe!

So no pictures today ... I'll take pictures of my new sweater when the sun comes out.



Thursday, March 13, 2008


Tonight my friends and I are going for dinner. We celebrate the birthdays and this night we are going to a friends house instead of a restaurant. We usually pick a Thursday night -- START OF THE WEEKEND -- and we ALWAYS close down the joint. The workers literally come up to our table and ASK THAT WE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!! So tonight, in honor of our LATE NIGHT, I have baked a sweet breakfast bread for my hostest(just in case we overstay our welcome). I found a recipe that looked so pretty, only as you can see from my photo, well mine doesn't look quite like the photo. Also, the directions were to roll the dough and squeeze the seams TIGHT. Well as you can see, I guess I didn't do enough squeezing as some of the yummy sugar and nut filling has oozed out. Oh well -- WHATEVER. I did my best.

So if you are currently a 9 can see that we are selling the ties very well. We still have plenty in inventory -- and we are also currently deciding upon our next line of ties. (Fall 2008)

Hope all is well and I will close for now.



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In a frustrated MOOD today

In not such a happy mood today -- WARNING -- WATCH OUT -- only kidding, I'll be very kind on the phone to my happy customers. But this is my blog and so I have to say, PEOPLE ARE ON MY LAST NERVE TODAY! Why am I in such a mood? Because it seems that EASY things are taken out of context and made HARDER. And for WHAT? To show power, to show authority? I know this is just business and these headaches happen to everyone, but still! At the end of the day, the sun will set and we will have a wonderful dinner here at the Cahn house, I will do my chores and sit and relax, go to bed and get up tomorrow and DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! I would like everything little detail worked out to perfection too! But HOW CAN THIS BE ACHIEVED WHEN OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE MAKING LITTLE BITTY THINGS IMPOSSIBLY HARD? OK enough of that rant ... I'm OVER it (well sort of!)

So on my favorite FATTY LOSER show last night, some of the contestants and 1 trainer LOST it on TV. The cussing (of course bleeped out and a funny blur over the mouth) and carrying on was amazing! I loved it. I root for the underdog and in this contest, the women are the underdog. Bottom line, these contestants on this TV show are losing amazing amounts of weight in 10 weeks (they kept saying 10 weeks last night). A few gentlemen lost 100 pound or more in 10 weeks! To me, that's an amazing accomplishment and they should all be OK with it. I guess living in this house together competing for a lot of money would make me crazy too. But as TV goes, many of those FORMER fatties will get TV commercials and earn money speaking about how to lose weight. And you know what...GOOD FOR THEM! The fatties worked hard and are determined and well it's all a good thing! Me, I was just happy to be working on my brand new knitting project watching the feisty women go off on the mean old men!

Yesterday Russell had his first outdoor High School baseball practice. It's not warm in NJ -- but I guess kids can work through the cold? Me, I'd be miserable and EVERYONE AROUND ME would know it! Russell came home happy as a clam and glommed down my very nice comforting din-din. He tells me I must make tons of food now that he's "in season". WHEN DON'T I MAKE TONS OF FOOD? Just take a look in my fridge! All healthy, home prepared foods in there!

Starting to receive some neckwear re-orders and does that ever make me happy! Come on now -- call me, email me and I will send out your orders of the very best Private Stock Neckwear out there!

Here are only a few pictures of the baseball practice.



Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Wow what wet weather we are having here in NJ. My grass outside is already GREEN and it's only early March! I don't think the ground even froze this past winter as well. All seems to be coming back to life.

I made my trip to Wegmans and came home in the pouring rain. Russ was out at HS indoor baseball practice so I did my shop. I came back just in time to pick him up and bring him home with me. Good thing as he helped me in with my heavy load.

So I roasted some tomatoes and onions and made us a soup for later. Then I got ambitious and baked us an apple pie. I bought this new slicer gizmo and I think the pie is going to be fantastic. I can slice many things with this V slicer. I also bought this cool pie roller thingie! It is the perfect size for pie pans and there is relatively little mess.

I had a birthday this past week. Yup, another year older -- which is a good thing -- only well -- IT'S ONLY A NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got great gifts too! YIPPEE for me! I'm going to culinary school -- I've got to pick out a class which is the hardest part ... I got personal training sessions -- something I've always always wanted, and I got a gift certificate to buy myself a pretty dress so I can look nice for the next Haberdashery Trade Show! What a day!

That's all for now. I think I might have to get wet and take Gordie out for a walk...he doesn't like the rain much either!

Happy Saturday! -- something is wrong with the picture pictures to come when it's up and running!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Turkey Meal

The page from the recipe in Ellie Krieger's cookbook
The whole turkey breast out of the oven after resting
Sliced turkey
Plated turkey with fingerling potatoes on the side
So I promised I would show photos of my latest meal from Ellie Krieger's cookbook. OK, OK it didn't come out looking as perfect as hers, but lemme tell you all -- this was THE BEST TURKEY I'VE EVER EATEN! It was not DRIED out, it had so much flavor, and there was NO FAT used to make this meal! Too bad I made such a giant meal for only Gary and myself! (Russell was out with his friends playing ROCK BAND -- do you know about this video game? Apparently it's sooooooooooo much fun). Anyway, here are the photos of my meal. Another keeper to my repertoire. Is that unbelievable or WHAT?!!! I might have to write Ellie a letter of thanks. I might be 1 of her biggest fans now!

Happy Sunday -- I've got tons of cooking and baking to do for my guests tomorrow night.



Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Weekly Food Shop

My favorite supermarket in the whole wide world

THE DOG TREAT BAR where I never miss getting Gordie his goodies
At the checkout line
My trunk filled with food for the week
So here are some pictures of what I do most every Saturday morning. I drive - get this - 25 miles each way because I LOVE THIS SUPERMARKET! We do not have a Wegmans any closer to my house. We eat, and this is no joke, each and every meal and snack at HOME! Last night -- T.G.I.F. Gary and I went to the local pub for a drink to celebrate the end of another crazy work week and came home to a hot meal I had prepared earlier! Back this summer, I bought those environmental friendly Wegmans shopping totes. These totes have saved me because in the past, they packed my food in those flimsy plastic bags, which fall all over themselves in the trunk of my car. Those plastic bags are also annoying to have to bring into the house. With these totes I make FAR FEWER trips in and out of the house.

So you must be wondering what's on tonight's menu? That would be a stuffed, boneless turkey breast of course! I found the recipe in my new Ellie Krieger cookbook. I hope it's a good recipe, but for now with her recipes...I'm 5 for 5!!!!!!! Isn't that something?! If the stuffed turkey looks like it does in her cookbook, I will post pictures -- if not -- well you will just have to imagine how it looked and tasted!

Gary and I are hosting a dinner Monday night to settle things for our spring magazine with our creative director and 1 of our writers. For take home goody bags I plan to make my famous rugelach. I'll post the menu tomorrow or Monday. You know this coming week is my birthday -- yup I'll be another year older. I don't know if I'm happy or not?! But it is what it is!

OK then, time to post this blog and then it's off to the JCC for some exercise. You know I've taken to RUNNING (yeah, I can even RUN) on the treadmill as well as jumping rope!


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