Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Who the heck invented BLOGGING? Whoever did am I ever grateful. I think though I might soon need a 12 step program to get me away from all the reading that I do. I'm all consumed at times.

SO - I've been fairly uncreative in my blogging photos, so today I am showing you my cookbook collection. After seeing Alexis Stewart's collection, my pales in comparison. With all the food blogs out there in the land of the internets, I guess I really don't need that many cookbooks any more. I just like them -- OK?!!!! Maybe next post I'll show you the inside of my oven! NO WAY! It's not great!

We've had a lot of rain in NJ recently which has really greened up all the lawns in my neighborhood including mine. YIPPEE! My favorite color is green - don't you know.

Saturday is our 22nd wedding anniversary. In honor of this auspicious occassion, Gary and I will be passing the time in NYC waiting for Russell to take his ACT's at NYU. We'll be up at the crack of dawn driving into Manhattan for his 8:00am start. He finishes between 12:30 and 1:00. This is Russ's last chance to do well before he starts to apply to college. I still can't get over my Russell is old enough to be applying to college. WHERE DID THE TIME GO???????????

On that note it's time to get back to picking tie orders. TIES TIES TIES ! Please order our ties! They are gorgeous. Call our salesmen, call me, call Gary, or go online and make an order if you don't feel like talking!

Bye for now!

Jane M. PS While uploading my photos from my camera, I found pix of my 2 foot long pasta from Trader Joes. Have you ever seen that length of pasta before? It was very tasty.

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