Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to SCHOOL!

Em is back at her school!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beyond thrilled. Me too. She had a real blaaah of a summer - working and having no friends. She really buried herself in the couch with her computer and NETFLIX! Em and I had a 2 day road trip with an overnight stay at my sister's house. We all had fun. My sister does a cooking show on the WEB and Emily and I were guest hosts! Em really took to the camera - what a ham. My sister gave me this drop dead gorgeous ice cream what do you think I'll be doing right after posting this blog. My son Russell can't wait to make the 1st batch! so anyway, back to college. Emily's school is really a wonderful place...and the perfect school for our daughter. She's civically minded and wants to MAYBE become a lawyer on Capital Hill. I can really envision this career for our daughter. She's a real go getter! But back to her dorm. Remember how I told you her roommate won the housing lottery? Well these 4 Sophomores are living in the best dorm room on campus among all Seniors! And lemme tell you, this place is a palace! So what did I do? I completely furnished their kitchen! And Em made her first meal tonight with Jell-o as dessert. I think I taught me kids well about homemaking and stuffs like that!

Well I'm pooped. I made the drive all by myself listening to CNN on the radio which made the ride FLY by this afternoon! I think I might have had a lead foot, but no one stopped me. I also use my blue tooth when I talk on my phone.

Well it's back to work tomorrow for me.

Happy Labor Day to all! I'm off to churn some ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!! Picture to follow!


Jane M

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