Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here is something you probably don't know about me............

I am a BRIDGE AND TUNNEL PERSON! Does anyone out there know what that is???? Well I'll tell you right now with this little story.

Yesterday Emily and I decided to go into NYC for a lovely TAPAS luncheon. Tapas are small dishes of food - similar to appetizers. We ordered 3 Tapas dishes which made a meal! Oh we were so Continental!

OK back to the BRIDGE and TUNNEL story. After getting off the train in Manhattan on 34th street (who can afford to drive - tolls, parking, and hmmm MIGHT I SAY THE PRICE OF A GALLON OF GAS?)we headed on down to 19th street where the restaurant was located. On the way, we stopped into FISHES EDDY the NYC table wear store - a favorite haunt of ours! After browsing around but not buying anything - typical - we wandered into a store called FRESH. You ever hear of it? The store sells perfume and make-up -- aaah a Cahn girls' delight! We walk in and start browsing until the saleswoman comes up to us and starts her selling spiel. UGH! We started to listen and before you know it we both took turns in "her" make up chair. First question, "Where are you girls from?" First strike...she knows/thinks we're tourists but we say we're from New Jersey - HENCE THE TERM BRIDGE AND TUNNEL PEOPLE! Get it...we had to take either a bridge or tunnel to get into NYC - WE ARE NOT NATIVE NEW YORKERS (well at least - not any longer since we moved out of the city in 1991). So she proceeds to take off all our make up and describe in minutia all the essential ingredients in her products that she is lathering onto our faces. Now don't get me wrong - I know I'm not 21 any longer - boo hoo - but Emily isn't EVEN 21 years old! I HATE BEING LATHERED DOWN BY GREASY/OILY CREAMS! I liked my make up just the way it was and so did Emily! We must have had to be in that shop for a half hour or more! All we wanted was this really nice smelling bath salt scrub. And I kept saying to her ALL WE WANT IS THE BATH SALT SCRUB! The sales clerk kept saying well at least don't you want the mascara??? She was making me feel like a cheap skate with my now NON made up face with the oily products smeared all over it! Finally we pay and get the heck out of there! Em says to me, "I guess that's the last time we go into a shop that's quiet!" I SECOND THE MOTION ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!

So in honor of me being a SUBURBANITE here are some pictures of how much more my flower boxes have grown! I'M FROM NEW JERSEY AND PROUD OF IT!



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