Friday, April 11, 2008

AAAH Spring

Yesterday we had our first day of spring weather here in New Jersey! The temps were in the 70's. Was so so nice. I had a terrible case of spring fever but managed to squeak in a full day.

Our son is in the thick of his baseball season. He hit another home run the other day and they tell me the shot went over the fence and over some neighbor's house! WOWZERS! Russ told us at dinner last night that at practice yesterday he hit 3 more dingers! Hope this lasts the season.

Today is Friday and that means I must finish up my tasks for the week and get ready for the weekend. I'm going out for dinner with my women friends tonight to an Ethiopian restaurant in town. Never been before, and I have no idea what the food is like. I'll be sure to report back to you and hopefully with pictures. I understand you eat with your hands? We'll have to see!!!!!!!!!!!



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