Sunday, March 2, 2008

Turkey Meal

The page from the recipe in Ellie Krieger's cookbook
The whole turkey breast out of the oven after resting
Sliced turkey
Plated turkey with fingerling potatoes on the side
So I promised I would show photos of my latest meal from Ellie Krieger's cookbook. OK, OK it didn't come out looking as perfect as hers, but lemme tell you all -- this was THE BEST TURKEY I'VE EVER EATEN! It was not DRIED out, it had so much flavor, and there was NO FAT used to make this meal! Too bad I made such a giant meal for only Gary and myself! (Russell was out with his friends playing ROCK BAND -- do you know about this video game? Apparently it's sooooooooooo much fun). Anyway, here are the photos of my meal. Another keeper to my repertoire. Is that unbelievable or WHAT?!!! I might have to write Ellie a letter of thanks. I might be 1 of her biggest fans now!

Happy Sunday -- I've got tons of cooking and baking to do for my guests tomorrow night.



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