Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day -- BAH HUMBUG!

Russell poses
Gary models
I was just talking to Emily via IM'ing - 1 of our favorite communications! Anyway, we're BAH HUMBUG about Valentine's Day. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary and I have been going NON-STOP -- Gary doing the Spring Magazine, me doing the Spring TIES. I'm enjoying picking each order and seeing the beautiful colors as I stack the ties neatly in rows in each of the boxes. That being said, I'm waiting patiently for all your RE-ORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've had a bit of winter weather here in the Northeast. I think I've had enough of it for this season. Yesterday Gary and Russ went to NYC for the photoshoot while I was here doing the ties. I got to see a few photos taken by my son with my camera of how it all went down in NY. Now I can't wait to see the finished product -- the next magazine.

So I hope all you love bugs out there are enjoying the day of love!

OH the spring tie line should be appearing on this website shortly! Our webmaster has the disk with the tie photos and soon you can order our spring collection online too!


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